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dryer fixed and adjustable thermostats - whirlpool clothes dryer

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-12-18
dryer fixed and adjustable thermostats  -  whirlpool clothes dryer
Fixed thermostat: most fixed thermostats on Maytag, Kenmore, GE, and Whirlpool dryers are made up of a double-layer disc that will move from normal when fully heated
This double disc operates an internal switch in the thermostat, which is connected in series with the heating circuit in the normal closed position.
This switch is probably single. pole single-throw, single-pole double-
Throw, normally open or normally closed according to the circuit application. When a fixed-
Type thermostat is used as high
Limit or safety device, the purpose of which is to disconnect the heat source circuit when the adjustable or fixed operating thermostat fails.
It also works if some other mechanical failure causes the running thermostat to not detect an abnormal temperature rise.
Adjustable thermostat: physical manufacturing-
Most modern adjustable dryer thermostats are the same as fixed thermostats, but after one modification-
A separate micro heater element is piggy-
Back on the body of the thermostat.
When a controlled voltage is applied to the micro heater element during thermal cycling, it causes the temperature inside the thermostat to rise.
The thermostat now requires less heat.
Rising from the heated exhaust gas to the designed devicepoint. Once set-
Point or trigger-
After the point of arrival, the switch will turn on and off the circuit to the heat source.
When the air in the dryer cools, the pressure inside the thermostat is released.
Pressure release allows the internal wafer to return to its normal position and the current of the heat source is activated again.
The adjustable thermostat continues to cycle on and off throughout the drying operation, thus maintaining a stable drying temperature.
To troubleshoot the adjustable thermostat, insert a thermal sensor (meter)
Enter the exhaust port on the back of the dryer.
Remove all clothes from the dryer, turn on the power and monitor the temperature.
The adjustable thermostat shall open the circuit to the heat source without exceeding 10F, which is above or below the set temperature of the component given in the service manual.
Let the adjustable thermostat cycle on and off five or six times to make sure you have an accurate reading.
Make sure there's no drum first-
Air leakage at the rear seal or front opening.
If the component does not operate according to the temperature tolerance shown in the dryer's manual of use, replace it.
Most of the adjustable thermostats used on the dryer cannot be repaired or adjusted.
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