Industrial and Commercial Food Dehydrators
The choice of dryer depends on your material and capacity.
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Heat Pump Food Dehydrator Manufacturer

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Guangdong IKE Industrial co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise dedicated to the design and manufacture of commercial food dehydrator for sale & industrial heat pump dryers, food dehydrators and food drying rooms. Owning high efficient and environmental automatic production lines, in 2010 IKE Industrial set up a whole new factory in Meizhou city, which covers an area of 63,000㎡ and with monthly output of 10,000 heat pump drying machines. IKE Industrial has become the biggest heat pump manufacturer with the highest production capacity in China.

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Which food drying machine is right for you?

With advanced management mechanism, top researchers, sophisticated production equipment, super production technology and first-class product quality,  IKE Industrial can design a variety of drying systems for customers. According to the requirements of customers, provide reasonable prices and excellent service for industrial drying equipment.

Why choose IKE food dehydrators?

The essence of drying is to remove water, but temperature is not the most critical factor for drying. The key to determining the drying effect is the relative humidity in the space. Aiming at this point, IKE has developed a closed-loop dehumidification heat pump dryer, which completely overcomes the various problems of traditional heat pump dryers.

Energy Saving

Drying using heat pump technology requires a minimum of 1 kWh per hour. Only water is released from the drying room. The energy saving is incomparable to traditional drying machines.

High Quality Drying

No active ingredient exchange with low-temperature drying, hence different materials can be dried together to increase productivity. Nutrients are not lost.

Independent of Weather and Location

With inside core machine, the performance of the dryer is independent of external weather conditions and it can be installed in any location.

Clean and Hygienic

No air exchange with outside keeps active ingredients in the material, prevents contamination, and maintain efficient drying.


Closed system design makes strong wind convection and even drying. No human labor is needed to flip material.

No Installation, Simple Maintenance

All-in-one sype strucion, no installation, only need to connect it to power supplly to use. Graphic interface, easy to operate.

IKE food dehydrator Applications

IKE manufactures food dehydrators in a variety of capacities for commercial and industrial food industry applications including:

Fruits Drying

It's the most popular dry food in the world. It can be dried by low and middle temperature fruits dehydrators.

Meat and Pet Food Drying

Natural jerky generally dried by middle and high temperature meat and pet food dehydrators.

Seafood Drying

Dried seafood need to be deied by low temperature seafood drying machines to keep its appearance and bioactivity.

Vegetables Drying

It's the most popular dry food in the world. It can be dried by low and middle temperature vegetables dehydrators.

Noodle and Pasta Drying

Noodle is a healthy food that is dried by middle and high temperature noodle and pasta dehydrators.

Easy to buy IKE food dehydrators

In line with the principle of "Win trust with quality", IKE Industrial have established a good long-term strategic partnership with our customer regarding food drying machine. Our machines gained recognition from Government agricultural department and Agricultural University and became a scientific research dedicated equipment; And the Government purchase our machines to develop agricultural. And our products were exported to about 100 countries and areas, such as Asia, Europe, USA, and etc.

IKE today

For many years, IKE Group has been committed to providing high quality heat pump food dehydrators for domestic and foreign customers. So far, we have participated in various food processing fairs to open up the market. As time goes by, people are paying more and more attention to food health, which puts higher and higher requirements on food drying equipments and promotes our in-depth research and development of heat pump food dehydrators.

Welcome to The THE 2023 Singapore FHA Fair
From April 25th to 28th, we will participate in the FHA Fair in Singapore.
IKE wishes everyone a happy new year
In the past twenty-eight years, we always think about how to improve this for you in the coming year. I hope we can work together for a happy new year.
Morels Dehydrator
The IKE Morel Dehydrator dries fresh morels at a constant temperature without changing their nutritional value. The aroma of morels is retained and the taste is better.

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