Easy installation within ten minutes!

Just two steps ONLY!

1, Pull the machine into the drying house.

2, Connect the power. 

Principle: No Pipe、Not Airflow!

Not installation for indoor or outdoor unit, not wind pipe, only need Power!

No High Temperature, can Mix Drying!

Only for remove the water!

1, Can Place difference material within one drying house.   

2, Improve machine utilization.  

Principle: Not volatile active ingredients

Because of the low temperature will not let the internal components

of volatile materials and therefore the material between no mix.

Strong wind convection, rapid removal of water film!

No sweat down, not moldy

1, Quick destroy water film, bacteria can not multiply, articles easy to mold.

2, Drying room is not moisture.

3, High-pressure circulating air, almost without turning items.

Principle: Strong Wind Cycle

Not Lose Heat, can use Strong Wind Cycle, so not moldy!