Commercial and Industrial Food Dehydrator Manufacturer Since 1994


Heat pump Commercial & Industrial Food Dehydrator Manufacturer Since 1994


IKE Group, a pioneer in innovative food processing solutions, has a rich history of providing tailored solutions to meet diverse customer needs. With a commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction, IKE Group has continually evolved, offering comprehensive services from product development to after-sales support.


Foshan E-PHOM Electronic Company Ltd was established with a focus on developing and manufacturing PABX systems.


Foshan IKE Electronic Company Ltd was established, marking the inception of its journey in developing and manufacturing the TC series of PABX systems.


Foshan IKE Industrial Park was established with a substantial investment of 15 million USD, laying the foundation for future growth and development.


IKE ventured into the hotel industry with the establishment of the "Bi Hai Yin Tan" ocean-view resort, expanding its business portfolio into hospitality.


IKE made a significant investment of 6 million USD in the establishment of its "Energy Department," dedicated to the development and manufacturing of heat pump water heaters.


IKE established "Foshan SWT Imp & Exp. Co., Ltd," initiating independent export operations to distribute goods globally under its own group.


With a significant investment totaling 60 million USD, Guangdong IKE Industrial Co., Ltd. was established within the Meizhou New and High Technology Industrial Park, spanning an expansive area of over 26 acres.


The significant milestone of developing and launching the "Non-pressure Residential Heat Pump Water Heater" was achieved, marking its successful entry into the market at a full scale.



The IKE Closed-loop Heat Pump Dehydration Dryer was chosen to be featured in the top procurement list for betel nut drying equipment by Hainan, highlighting its excellence in the industry.


The IKE Closed-loop Heat Pump Dehydration Dryer was honored with recognition as a collaborative project by the Chinese Government's Department of Agriculture, underscoring its significance and contribution to the industry.


The IKE Heat Pump Dehydration Dryer was officially recognized and subsidized by the Department of Agriculture of the Hainan Province Government, highlighting its importance and contribution to agricultural development.


Research agreements were established with both Foshan University and Hainan University, aimed at offering technological support to enhance local food processing capabilities.


IKE Group has been appointed as the drafting unit for the national standard on heat pump drying and actively engages in the formulation of industry standards for closed-loop drying, demonstrating its leadership and commitment to advancing drying technologies.


The launch of the medium-sized integrated cabinet food dryer provides a more convenient solution for the drying needs of medium-sized farmers.


The innovative S series integrated heat pump drying chamber is officially introduced to the market, offering a more convenient drying solution for medium to large-scale food processing factories.


IKE provides food processing lines that encompass washing, sorting, peeling, slicing, drying, and packaging, offering customers a comprehensive one-stop solution for food processing.


The JL series drying chamber is launched to address the challenge of low-temperature drying in medium to large-scale food processing factories.


For your needs, IKE Group offers tailored food processing solutions with greater professionalism. We attentively listen to your requirements and provide you with the most suitable food processing solutions.

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We are committed to continually developing food processing machinery that best meets the needs of our customers, striving for perfection in every detail, including controllers, accessories, and materials. Over the past 30 years, we have focused on developing smarter, more environmentally friendly food processing equipment to foster harmony with nature and achieve sustainable development.

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