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Korean Customer Like IKE Food Drying Machines


IKE-Read Kazakhstan Customer Find Melon Dehydrator News On Ike Food DehydratorToday one of our korean customers came and visited IKE food dehydrator showroom. They carefully discussed the drying principle of the IKE drying machines with our technical director and looked at IKE drying machines. They are very interested in IKE drying machines. Finally, they asked in detail how to become an agent. They are most interested in the IKE WRH-1200A drying machine. The WRH-1200A drying machine is a host in a drying room. A WRH-1200A drying room can dehydrate 800kg~1500kg of fresh food at a time. The WRH-1200A drying room is a fully sealed drying room. Food is not contaminated by external dust and mosquitoes during the drying process.