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Kazakhstan customer find melon dehydrator


IKE-Read Kazakhstan Customer Find Melon Dehydrator News On Ike Food DehydratorToday one of Kazakhstan customers came and visited IKE food dehydrator showroom. He wants to find commercial food dehydrators to dehydrate fruits such as melon, watermelon, and apple. He wants the commercial food dehydrators that are dehydrated at low temperature. We recommended him WRH-100T fruit and vegetable dehydrator. The WRH-100T fruit and vegetable dehydrator can be arbitrarily set from 20 degrees to 80 degrees. It can preserve the vitamins and trace elements of foods when it is dehydrated at middle and low temperatures. The WRH-100T fruit and vegetable dehydration can dehydrate 20kg~100kg of fresh fruits at a time. One machine comes standard with 15 stainless steel trays. If you need more capacity, you can choose The WRH-300B series commercial food dehydrator or a dehydrating room.

For a large-capacity dehydrating room, the Kazakhstan customer was interested in the WRH-500D melon dehydrator. The WRH-500D melon dehydrator is the main machine for dehydrating room. It can dehydrate 400kg~600kg of fresh fruit at a time, which is an ideal product for medium-sized merchants. The temperature of the WRH-500D melon dehydrator can be set from 20 degrees to 50 degrees. When using the WRH-500D melon dehydrator, people first need to make a dehydrating room. Then put the WRH-500D melon dehydrator into the dehydrating room. Simply connect the power to start dehydrating.

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