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WRH-100T Research-Type Commercial Food Dehydrator

WRH-100T Research-Type Commercial Food Dehydrator

Model Number
Power Supply
220V / 50Hz / 60Hz
Power Input
1.01 KW
Net Weight
1 Unit
Place of Origin
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Lead Time
10~30 working days
2 Years
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IKE food dehydrator WRH-100T has a compact structure, great energy-saving, wide application, high drying quality, easy operation, simple installation, and removable. it is the best drying equipment for small firms, drying experiments, and scientific research. optional cloud management function to achieve remote monitoring by computers and mobiles. The users only connect the power to use, which is the easiest operation heat pump dryer.
WRH-100T is a cabinet dehydrator with a wide temperature range. Its working temperature is 20-80°C, so it can dehydrate different products including herbs, fruits and vegetables, seafood, meat, etc., It’s also suitable for trial demos. WRH-100T is equipped with 15 trays, loading up to 100kg of fresh product per batch. It is an ideal model for start-up a business.
Whether you own a small food processing business, a boutique herb shop, or a farm-to-table restaurant, the WRH-100T is the perfect companion for enhancing your drying capabilities. Experience the convenience, reliability, and exceptional results of this compact and versatile commercial cabinet dryer today.

MaterialStainless steel
Power Supply220v-50hz/60hz
Power Input1.1kw
Running Current
Dehydration Amount3.5L/h (@65℃, 80%)
Working Temperature20-80℃
ControllerIKE smart color-touch-screen
Noise Level≤60dB(A)
Machine Size(L*W*H)1180*690*1800mm
Tray Number15pcs
Net Weight150kgs
Quality ControlIQC (Incoming quality check);
IPQC (In-process quality check);
OQC (Out-going quality check);
FQC (Final quality check)
Payment terms

1, We can offer different pricing of FOB, CIF and C&F.

2, For established customers, we will offer more favorable payment terms.


1, We offer FOB Guangzhou and FOB Shenzhen to our customers.

2, We can also offer CIF to those in need.

3, We can also help in container consolidation.

◇◆ Working principle

Drying essence is take moisture away, but taking away the moisture temperature is not the most critical factor. The key for drying is depending on relative humidity within certain space, IKE Company took advantage of the dry essence, originally developed a "Closed Cycle" dryer, and changed the traditional heat pump dryer "bake" to "dehumidifier”. Its several advantages were unmatched by the traditional heat pump dryer.

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◇◆ Detailed Images
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Observation window
product-WRH-100T Research-Type Commercial Food Dehydrator-IKE Food Machinery-img
IKE Controller
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Air outlet
product-IKE Food Machinery-img
Returned air inlet and Trays
product-IKE Food Machinery-img
External condenser inlet
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Drip tray
product-IKE Food Machinery-img-1
Exhaust air outlet for overheating
product-WRH-100T Research-Type Commercial Food Dehydrator-IKE Food Machinery-img-1
Universal wheel and Water Outlet
product-WRH-100T Research-Type Commercial Food Dehydrator-IKE Food Machinery-img-1
Door handle
product-IKE Food Machinery-WRH-100T Research-Type Commercial Food Dehydrator-img-1
Door lock
◇◆ Working Advantages
Continuous all temperature range drying

The system can achieve continuous drying from 20℃~80℃. Hence it can be applied to most materials.

Working in a wholly sealed drying room, hygiene, and energy conservation

Drying in a closed sealed room, no foreign material pollution. Efficiency is irrelevant to the external environment, which can maintain high energy efficiency in all seasons. No hot air and water vapor loss maximize energy recovery.

Running Stable, operating easily

All in one design, the operation directly after power is switched on. A graphical touch control system, automatic intelligent control and demands no human duty after setting.

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Accessories can be customized

It can be used with stainless steel trays, plastic trays, stainless steel net trays, hanging rods, etc., to meet the drying needs of different customers.

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