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Visit IKE Food Packaging Machine Workshop


On May 19th, IKE Group organized a training event for "Overseas Sales Personnel Entering the Technical Field of Packaging Machinery". In this event, all overseas sales personnel of IKE Group, under the leadership of the technical director, walked into the food packaging machine production workshop, visited and practiced different types of packaging equipment.

Packaging is an important step in the food processing process after the food is dried. Only high-quality packaging can maintain the best quality of dry food. As a part of IKE machinery, IKE packaging machine products include rotary packing machines, rotary vacuum Packing machines, which are widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, pesticides, and daily supplies and products other blocks, strips, granule, liquid, powder products. In IKE's more than 5,000-square-meter factory, the sales staff mainly visited the automatic packaging machine production line workshop, the rotary packaging machine production line workshop, and the rotary pillow packaging machine workshop.

In the afternoon, Mr. Chen, the director of the IKE packaging machine technology department, conducted more than 2 hours of special training on "The Present and Future of IKE Packaging Machines" to the overseas sales staff present. During the training, Mr. Chen analyzed in detail the usage, problems, and solutions of food packaging machines in the world today. He explained the structure, principle, use, advantages, and future development trends of different series of food packaging machines to the sales staff, so that the sales staff were exposed to the most cutting-edge products and technical knowledge, and deepened the understanding of the theory.

Through this training activity, the sales staff have a deeper understanding of IKE food packaging machinery, so that they can better provide customers with more professional solutions. It also deepened the mutual understanding between the production department and the sales department of the IKE Group. Only strong scientific research and production can make the market go further!


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