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TV News About Support Fruit Processing


In recent years, according to the national deployment, IKE has continuously increased its efforts to support industries in Sichuan, Tibet and Xinjiang. The natural conditions for the production of fruits in Xinjiang are superior, but due to inconvenient transportation, it has been difficult to open the market in the past. In order to help enterprises and local farmers solve the problem of transportation of agricultural products, IKE also assisted in the local inspection. The closed-loop dehumidification heat pump dryer developed by IKE uses the most advanced energy-saving drying technology to provide technical support for the transportation of agricultural products in Xinjiang. “In recent years, IKE has been involved in the research and processing trade of agricultural products drying technology, and has established a sales network covering more than ten coastal provinces in China, actively helping the farmers in the central and western regions to sell quality agricultural products to developed coastal provinces.” Executive Director of IKE Group introduced that after examining the development of local agricultural products industry in Xinjiang, the company quickly decided to settle in the local area and use the technological advantages of the company to process local agricultural products. At present, IKE plans to invest 300 million yuan in three phases to build a production base for drying 300,000 tons of fruit in Kashgar to help South Xinjiang's high-quality agricultural products out of Xinjiang.

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