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Thailand Rice Noodle Drying Project



Thailand, known for its rich culinary heritage, often incorporates rice noodles into its cuisine. As the demand for quality dried rice noodles increases, advanced drying technology becomes essential. This article discusses the recent collaboration between IKE and a Thai client, where our advanced heat pump dryer, the AIO-DF300, has been implemented to enhance their rice noodle drying process.

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Project Overview

Our Thai client has invested in two AIO-DF300 heat pump dryers, each capable of handling approximately 300kg of rice noodles per day. This investment is a testament to the reliability and efficiency of our drying technology. The AIO-DF300 is designed not only for rice noodles but also for a variety of other products, including fruits, vegetables, seafood, herbs, and meats, making it a versatile choice for any drying needs.

Features of the AIO-DF300

High Efficiency

The AIO-DF300 heat pump dryer is engineered for high efficiency, ensuring that rice noodles are dried uniformly and quickly. The advanced heat pump technology provides a controlled drying environment, which is crucial for maintaining the quality and texture of the noodles.


One of the standout features of the AIO-DF300 is its versatility. While our Thai client primarily uses it for rice noodles, the machine's design accommodates various products. Whether it's delicate herbs or robust meat slices, the AIO-DF300 can handle it all, making it a valuable asset for any food processing business.

Capacity Options

We understand that different clients have varying needs, which is why our dryers come in different capacities. The AIO-DF300, with its 300kg daily capacity, is ideal for medium-scale operations. For larger or smaller needs, IKE offers a range of models to ensure the right fit for every client.

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Implementation in Thailand

The two AIO-DF300 units were installed at the client's facility in Thailand, and they have already begun operations. The client reports significant improvements in drying time and product quality. The automated controls and consistent performance have allowed them to streamline their production process, reducing labor costs and increasing output.

Supporting Media

To provide a comprehensive understanding of our heat pump dryer, we have included a video demonstrating the AIO-DF300 in action. This video showcases the machine's functionality and highlights its ease of use, efficiency, and versatility.


The successful implementation of the AIO-DF300 heat pump dryers in Thailand marks a significant milestone for both IKE and our client. By leveraging advanced drying technology, we have helped our client improve their production process and product quality, demonstrating the value and capability of our heat pump dryers.

For businesses looking to enhance their drying operations, the AIO-DF300 offers a reliable, versatile, and efficient solution. With its ability to handle a variety of products and its range of capacities, it is the perfect choice for any food processing operation.


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