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Scallion Drying Test By IKE Newly Developed Drying Machine


Today, we have launched a large new model test scallion drying at our IKE Production center.

The general manager of the Ike Group led the staffs to participate in the testing activities of the scallion drying. Leaders and employees work together, to clean, classify, cut scallions, and pour into the IKE newly developed drying machine AIO-1600G for testing observation finally. The general manager showed how to use the drying machine, and employees were able to observe and experience the drying process in close proximity. This newly developed AIO-1600G drying machine is made of 304 stainless steel and customized by customers. According to customer requirements, it is equipped with trays, fans, door locks, etc. The AIO-1600G drying machine can accommodate 1000-1500kg/batch fresh scallions. The air can penetrate the item evenly. The AIO-1600G drying machine's built-in double evaporator and double condenser, undoubtedly it’s the core value of this new model drying machine. Because the drying efficiency and quality are greatly improved, the air is evenly, and there is no need to turn over the scallions. Due to the drying box, the scallions will not float in the drying machine. We dry the scallions at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. After 10 hours, the drying was completed. The dried scallions are not only good looking and easy to store but also can avoid mildewing. Indian customers who visited our sales center ordered 100 series machines for testing on the same day.

Finally, the manager of the IKE Group commented on the testing and announced the success of the new model testing. The general manager said that she is proud of our company's R&D and production technology department, developing innovative and practical products which will surely support the agricultural and food processing markets around the world. The manager expects that IKE Group in manufacturing can make the quality of our products better and better. In the future, we will try our best to develop and manufacture closed-loop heat pump dryers. Thus, drying testing activity ended successfully.

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