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Pasta Dehydrator


Pasta Dehydrator

Dried pasta, passionately fashioned with fresh pasta in conjunction with an accurate dehydration method, offers various useful applications. Primarily, dried pasta preserves the taste and texture of pasta, making it a convenient option for quick meals or adding rich flavors to various dishes. Additionally, dried pasta serves as an essential base in a plethora of global recipes such as pasta, salads, soups, & baked goods, adding their distinct flavor profile to the cuisine. They also serve as a hearty element in meals prepared within minutes. With advanced technology in the IKE Pasta Dehydrator, the end result is flawlessly dried pasta ensuring superior quality and taste.


How to dehydrate pasta

Drying pasta using IKE Pasta Dehydrator

1. Preparation: Start with freshly made, not fully cooked pasta. These pastas should retain their shape well and not stick together. Make sure the pasta is cleaned properly.

2. Cutting (Optional): Depending on the chosen pasta shape, you may need to cut it into shorter lengths for versatile usage.

3. Loading the Dehydrator: Organize the pasta pieces onto the trays of the IKE Pasta Dehydrator. Leave some gap between each piece to aid proper air circulation and ensure even drying.

4. Setting Temperature, Humidity, and Time: Adjust the temperature to around 50-60°C (120-140°F), which is ideal for dehydrating pasta. Customize the humidity settings according to desired outcomes and specific requirements. Thinner pasta will dehydrate faster than thicker ones, so monitor accordingly. Also, set the dehydration time basis the thickness of the pasta and desired level of dryness.

5. Dehydration Process: Initiate the dehydration process using the IKE Pasta Dehydrator. The modern technology gradually extracts moisture from pasta while sustaining their natural color, flavor, and nutritional value.

6. Monitoring: Regularly keep track of the dehydration progress to guarantee even drying. Rotate the trays if needed to ensure uniform dehydration and avoid sticking.

7. Checking for Dryness: Pasta pieces are ready when they are firm and break apart without bending, with no moisture content. They should not feel adhesive or damp to the touch.

8. Packaging: Once entirely dehydrated, pack the pasta pieces adopting appropriate packaging materials. They should be sealed in airtight containers to conserve their freshness and quality during storage and transportation.



With the precise and efficient IKE Dehydrator, both individuals and businesses can effectively dry large quantities of pasta to meet various commercial and industrial needs. Additionally, IKE also offers a range of relevant packaging machines to better meet your food processing and packaging needs. This makes storage and transport of the dried pasta convenient and ensures excellent freshness and quality.

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dehydrated pasta

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dehydrated pasta

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dehydrated pasta

Choose IKE Pasta Dehydrator

Commercial Cabinet-type Pasta Dehydrator
Capacity: 20~100kg per batch
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Drying Temperature: 20℃~80℃
The IKE commercial cabinet-type pasta dehydrator can be used only by connecting to the power supply. It is the smallest and easiest-to-operate heat pump pasta dehydrator of IKE Group. It uses heat pump technology to save energy. Drying takes place in a closed system, which keeps your pasta clean and hygienic.
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Industrial Pasta Dehydrator
Capacity: 200~2500kg per batch
Power supply: 220V/380V, 50Hz/60Hz
Drying Temperature: 15℃~80℃
IKE industrial pasta dehydrators have a larger capacity compared to commercial cabinet-type pasta dehydrators. It can accommodate a significant volume of products for drying, making it suitable for industrial-scale drying solutions. The internal structure or accessories of the drying room can be customized to meet the specific requirements of drying different products. IKE industrial pasta dehydrator, no need to install, just plug in and use. Its design reduces shipping and installation costs for customers.
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Customized Automatic Continuous Pasta Dehydrator
Capacity: According to your needs
Power supply: 380V, 50Hz/60Hz
Drying Temperature: 15℃~80℃
IKE automatic continuous pasta dehydrator is an automatic drying equipment for large-scale drying pasta. The automatic continuous pasta dehydrator can run uninterruptedly, so that the pasta can be dried continuously, improving efficiency and productivity. It uses heat pump technology to minimize operating costs and environmental impact. IKE customized automatic continuous pasta dehydrator is compact and minimizes floor space requirements. Please tell us your drying needs.
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