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Outdoor Development Activities Of IKE Overseas Sales Department


On May 28, IKE Group organized an outdoor development training for the overseas sales department of food dryers. The theme of the training is "Concentrate our efforts to achieve better results".

After leaving the office and putting on sportswear, the participants from the IKE Group took the bus to the outdoor expansion base 50 kilometers away with excitement and anticipation. "I don't care whether you like me or not. I only want you to reap the results I prepared for you when you leave!" From the beginning, the instructor set requirements for everyone. The red running team, which represents optimism and enterprising, and the blue eagles' team, which represents rationality and calmness, conducted multiple rounds of game competitions during the two days of outdoor development activities. There was joy and tears during the game. Everyone opened up their hearts in the competition, got to know themselves and each other better, and found flaws and deficiencies in their work. In the process of expanding training, we sang all the way and moved forward courageously. The most interesting and challenging part of the training is Invincible Hot Wheels, South-to-North Water Diversion, Victory Queen Circle.

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Invincible Hot Wheels

Each team uses tape to make newspapers into a track-like loop that can travel. All players in the team are required to complete the distance according to regulations, and the team that reaches the finish line fastest is the winner. The purpose of this competition is to cultivate close cooperation between the players, team spirit to overcome difficulties, and cultivate their ability to plan, organize and coordinate.

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South-to-North Water Diversion

The South-to-North Water Diversion is a strategic project of China. The training purpose of this competition is to cultivate the communication skills between the team members and the commanding ability of the leaders. Only a team with a clear plan and clear division of labor can win.


Victory Queen Circle

The Queen of Victory Circle is also called the Trust Sitting, which requires all players to form a circle and sit on the laps of the players behind them in turn. This project is to test the tacit understanding between team members and increase their sense of trust. More than 20 teammates in the overseas sales department of IKE food dryers sat together on the thighs of the teammates behind them, with their hands firmly on the shoulders of the teammates in front, no matter how hard the instructor tried to pull the team apart, the circle formed by everyone was firm. Everyone sang and cheered excitedly.

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Through this outdoor development activity, colleagues in the overseas sales department of IKE food dryers have learned a lot, deeply understand the importance of the individual in the team, and understand that as long as the goal is firm, no problem cannot be solved. The overseas sales department of IKE food dryers is an ambitious, persistent, and persistent team. I believe that through this outdoor expansion, their strong will and spirit of unity will enable them to achieve higher sales goals. Their motto is "Your potential is more powerful than you think!" I believe they will go smoother in the promotion of food dryers and even food machinery in the future! Welcome to the IKE food dryers showroom and meet us!

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