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Kenyan customer like IKE food dehydrator very much


IKE-Kenyan Customer Like Ike Food Dehydrator Very Much - Ike Food Dehydrator

Today one of our Kenyan customers came and visited IKE food dehydrator showroom. He wanted to dehydrate vegetables, fruits, and meat in large quantities. When he visited, he took a fancy to our WRH-300GB heat pump closed-loop dehydrator. The WRH-300GB food dehydrator is our innovative product in 2018. It is an integrated cabinet machine that can dehydrate 200kg~350kg of fresh food at a time. It avoids the trouble of building a dehydrating room. Greatly saves space for merchants to dehydrate food. The WRH-300GB food dehydrator can hold 40 stainless steel trays. With the FTHJ-300 rack, it is easier to load the food to be dehydrated.


The Kenyan customer had said that if our IKE WRH-300GB dehydrate effect was good, he would buy a WRH-500A dehydrating room. The IKE WRH-500A dehydrating room can dry 400kg~600kg of fresh food at a time, which is an ideal product for medium-sized merchants. We are confident in our food dehydrators. They use the world's most advanced heat pump technology to dehydrate at medium and low temperatures. It not only maintains the appearance of the food but also maintains the taste and nutrition of the food.

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