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Ghana Cassava Semolina Drying Solution


At IKE Company, we pride ourselves on providing customized drying solutions for our diverse clientele. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with a customer from Ghana who required an efficient method to dry cassava semolina. After assessing their needs, we recommended two of our WRH-100GN heat pump dryers, which have proven to be highly effective for this purpose.

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Product Specifications and Benefits

WRH-100GN Heat Pump Dryers

The WRH-100GN heat pump dryer is a versatile and compact machine designed to meet small-scale drying needs. Each unit offers adjustable drying temperatures ranging from 50 to 80 degrees Celsius, ensuring optimal drying conditions for various types of products, including cassava semolina.

Capacity and Efficiency

Each WRH-100GN dryer is equipped with 20 stainless steel trays, with each tray capable of holding approximately 3 kgs of cassava semolina. This setup allows for a significant batch size while maintaining the quality and uniformity of the dried product. Our Ghanaian customer reported high satisfaction with the performance of these dryers, noting the consistency and efficiency in the drying process.

Customer Feedback

The feedback from our Ghanaian customer has been overwhelmingly positive. They have found the WRH-100GN heat pump dryers to be easy to use and maintain, while also delivering excellent drying results. The adjustable temperature control has allowed them to fine-tune the drying process to achieve the best possible outcome for their cassava semolina.

Product Range

While the WRH-100GN is our smallest heat pump dryer, we offer a variety of drying solutions to cater to different needs:

Heat Pump Drying Rooms: For larger scale drying operations, our drying rooms provide ample space and controlled environments to handle substantial quantities of product.

Automated Continuous Drying Machines: These machines are designed for high-volume, continuous drying processes, offering automation and efficiency for industrial-scale operations.

At IKE Company, we are committed to delivering top-quality drying solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Whether you require a compact unit like the WRH-100GN or a more extensive setup such as our drying rooms or automated continuous dryers, we have the expertise and technology to meet your requirements. Our Ghanaian customer's successful experience with the WRH-100GN heat pump dryers is a testament to the reliability and effectiveness of our products. We look forward to continuing to support their business and helping other customers achieve their drying goals with our innovative solutions.

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