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Swiss Green Bean Drying Solution


IKE is thrilled to present our drying solution tailored specifically for green beans, addressing the unique requirements of our esteemed client in Switzerland. With our commitment to innovation and efficiency, IKE offers a solution that not only ensures optimal drying but also streamlines the processing workflow, enhancing productivity and sustainability.


Client Requirements:

Our client in Switzerland required a drying solution for green beans, with each batch necessitating the drying of 10 tons of beans. Initially considering a conveyor-style drying system, they opted for IKE's basket-style green bean drying machines due to their exceptional performance and efficiency, which aligns with their cost-saving approach. In a strategic move, they acquired 8 IKE drying machines, allowing them to efficiently dry the required quantity of green beans. Embracing IKE's solution, they seamlessly transitioned to our basket-style drying machines. Additionally, they implemented IKE's green bean washing and blanching machines, achieving semi-automated green bean processing.


Key Features:

- Efficient Drying Process: Efficient Drying Process: Each of our drying machines can dry approximately 800-1000 kilograms of fresh green beans. With the client purchasing 8 IKE drying machines, this allows for drying approximately 10 tons of green beans per batch. This ensures a thorough and consistent drying process for each batch.

Versatile Drying Machines: IKE's basket-style drying machines offer superior performance, prompting our client's transition from conveyor-style systems. The basket-style design facilitates easy loading and unloading, optimizing workflow efficiency.

Cost-Effective Solution: Compared to conveyor-style drying machines, IKE's basket-style drying machines offer a more cost-effective solution, providing our client with a competitive advantage in terms of affordability.

Comprehensive Processing Solution: In addition to drying machines, IKE provides green bean washing and blanching machines, enabling semi-automated processing and enhancing operational efficiency.

Sustainability Focus: IKE's drying solution promotes sustainability through energy-efficient operations and closed-loop drying design, minimizing environmental impact.

Quality Assurance: The controlled drying environment preserves the quality and freshness of green beans, meeting the highest standards of product quality.



Enhanced Productivity: IKE's drying solution streamlines the processing workflow, reducing processing time and increasing overall productivity.

Cost Efficiency: By leveraging IKE's efficient drying and processing machines, our client achieves cost savings through reduced energy consumption and operational expenses.

Operational Flexibility: The versatility of IKE's drying machines accommodates varying batch sizes and processing requirements, ensuring adaptability to evolving needs.

Quality Assurance: Our solution maintains the integrity of green beans throughout the drying and processing stages, delivering consistently high-quality results.

Sustainable Practices: IKE's commitment to sustainability aligns with our client's environmental objectives, promoting eco-friendly operations and responsible resource utilization.


With IKE's innovative drying solution for green beans, our client in Switzerland benefits from enhanced productivity, cost efficiency, and sustainability. By integrating advanced technology with operational excellence, IKE delivers a comprehensive solution that meets the evolving needs of modern food processing industries.

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