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Cricket Dehydrator


For people, eating processed crickets can provide the nutrients the body needs, while dried crickets contain 60% to 70% of protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Crickets are dried and ground into a powder to provide key nutrients in place of meat. The Cricket Dehydrator retains its original character and value. After drying, it can be placed in a vacuum packaging machine and stored in a cool place to prolong the storage time.

How to dehydrate Cricket

by IKE food dehydrator

Ingredients: Cricket


1.  Place dead crickets on the tray and push them into the dryer.

2.  Set temperature and humidity: 63 ° C and 5%, then start drying.

3.  After 15 hours, drying will be completed.

The dried Crickets will retain moisture when in direct contact with the air, so a sealed package is required. If you use vacuum packaging, you can better preserve the color and aroma of the Cricket.

News IKE Cricket Dehydrator

fresh Cricket

News IKE Cricket Dehydrator

dehydrated Cricket

IKE Cricket Dehydrator - Click to Choose

IKE Commerical dehydratorCommercial WRH-100GN Cabinet Cricket Dehydrator

Capacity: 20~100kg per batch

Machine Dimension (L*W*H): 1280*700*1860mm

Power supply: 220V, 50Hz/60Hz

Drying Temperature: 50℃~80℃

Commercial WRH-100GN cabinet Cricket Dehydrator just needs to connect the power to use, is the easiest operation heat pump Cricket Dehydrator. WRH-100GN Cricket Dehydrator used heat pump technology for energy saving. Drying takes place in a closed system, which makes your Cricket Dehydratorclean and sanitary. View Equipment →

IKE Industrial DehydratorIndustrial Cricket Dehydrator

Capacity: 200~2500kg per batch

Power supply: 220V/380V, 50Hz/60Hz

Drying Temperature: 25℃~80℃

IKE all-in-one industrial Cricket Dehydrator, no installation required, ready to use after plugging in. Its design reduces shipping and installation costs for customers. We also have the option of a self-assembled drying room, please contact us for details. The Cricket Dehydratoris dehydrated in a completely sealed space. You just need to put the Cricket Dehydratoron the rack and then moved them into the drying room. View Equipment →

IKE automatic belt dryerCustomized Automatic Conveyor Mesh Belt Large Cricket Dehydrator

Capacity: customized

Drying Temperature: 20℃~80℃

IKE conveyor automatic conveyor mesh belt Cricket Dehydrator is automatic continuous drying equipment for large-scale dried Cricket Dehydratorproduction. The Cricket Dehydrator production line can be equipped according to the user’s requirements and the production demands. View Equipment →

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