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An Algerian Customer Came To Visit The IKE Drying Machine Showroom


Last week, an Algerian customer came to visit the IKE drying machine showroom. He wanted to find a drying machine to dry the tomato slices and garlic slices. IKE AIO-1600G big capacity commercial drying machine is very suited for him.  With the capacity of 1000kgs per batch as well as the working temperature of 50~80 degrees, it is a switchable air duct dehydration system, provide the Forward and Reverse wind structure to exchange to achieve evenly drying by parallel airflow. The Algerian customer likes our drying machine very much after checking the machine working.


We also showed him to learn about our Loading elevator machine, Washing machine, Slicing machine, Garlic Separating Machine, Peeling Machine, Sorting Machine, Weight Machine, and the Packing machine. IKE provides customers with a complete set of food processing lines.


I sincerely hope we can make a deal in coming soon.


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