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6 Reasons Why Ike Food Dehydrators are Coveted in the Industry


Our commitment to quality and excellence has made Guangdong Ike Industrial Company a food service staple and pioneer in the manufacturing of food dehydrators. Our machines are crafted with care, from the design process, to the build, and to the doorstep of your business. Thousands of companies, restaurants, and business trust no one but us to revolutionize their food preparation process and help take their product to another level. 


What makes the Ike commercial food dehydrator so superior? Our brand stands out for a number of reasons, and with the collaboration of our top engineers and technical staff, we've created a product like no other for business across the world.

1. Multifunctional - Dehydrate Anything, Any Time

The Ike industrial food dehydrators eliminate the need for thousands of dollars worth of specialized, expensive equipment in order to dehydrate certain food products. Our dehydrators are multifunctional, and ready to be put to use for any food product. One dehydrators does it all, drying fruit, meat, vegetables, grains, and so much more.

2. Easy Operation & Fast Installation

Business owners love our equipment because it is easy to use and helps make their manufacturing process much simpler. It even comes with a fast, pain free installation into any commercial setting. Don't bother with the hassle of rearranging your equipment or dealing with complicated wiring systems. The compact, concise design is user friendly and ready to work immediately.

3. Your One-Stop Solution

One of the best parts of our commercial food dehydrators is that they can do anything. One of our dehydrators can replace tons of heavy, expensive equipment that take up space (and the electric bill). Simplify your manufacturing process with one machine that will be your go-to for dehydrating any food item. We help high-volume business make the most out of their assembly line and create product faster, without sacrificing quality.

4. Low Noise, No Problem

Another unexpected feature of our machines is their low noise level. We listened to business owners, and found that many didn't approve of the loud volume that some other industry machines would generate during use. Through a unique and exclusive design, our machines are low-noise and energy efficient, working just as hard without the inconvenience in your commercial setting.

5. Energy and Time Efficient

Ike industrial food dehydrators are designed to help you save on energy costs. Our proprietary design ensures that your dehydrator works efficiently without draining electricity and running up your electric bill. In addition, the optimized design means less time preparing your product and taking your manufacturing process to a whole new level.

6. Competitive Quality, Competitive Price

If it's not great enough that Ike commercial food dehydrators will save your company money in the long run, then you might consider that our machines are at some of the best prices in the industry. We are a leader in quality, and aim to deliver a machine that is as effective as it is cost efficient. When it comes to the best machines, Ike can't be beat. Offering our machines at a tempting price is the next best thing.

An Industry Leader

Innovative and excellence are two words that motivate our company. Working with business owners and industry leaders for years has helped us create a machine that fulfills your needs at the optimal price. No corners are cut in the making of our machines, from the initial design process with our team of engineers, to manufacturing and installation by our certified technicians. Some might try to create a dehydrator equal to ours, but the feedback is unanimous: Ike simply does it best. 

When it comes to your food dehydration needs in your business or commercial setting, our doors are always open. Guangdong Ike Industrial Company Ltd. can help determine what your needs are and what machine will work best for you. Our staff is committed to your satisfaction, and we guarantee you'll be impressed with our food service equipment. With a price that can't be beat, it's time to declutter your manufacturing lines and automate your processes. One machine will dehydrate any food product in record time, with quality that will surpass any other machine. Best of all, you'll save money both now and in the long run--making our dehydrators the most coveted in the industry.

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