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Won the top ten excellent industrial and agricultural drying brands in China's heat pump industry

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-03-03
Guangdong IKE Industrial Co. , Ltd. won the appraisal and commendation activity of China's heat pump industry in 2017. It is one of the top ten outstanding industrial and agricultural drying brands in China's heat pump industry. IKE has proved its outstanding achievements with efforts again and again, I believe that the drying industry will make greater achievements in the future. Guangdong IKE Industrial Co. , Ltd. is an investment of IKE Group 3. A modern enterprise with a high starting point of 0. 5 billion yuan was established in Meizhou high-tech zone in Guangdong province, specializing in the development of heat pump water heaters, heat pump dryers, heat pump heating and professional air conditioners. The factory is planned to cover an area of 100 mu and a construction area of square meters, it has a high-standard factory building of 60 thousand square meters and is designed to produce 600,000 sets of various heat pump products annually, with an annual output value of more than 2 billion. Guangdong IKE introduces advanced research and development and production equipment, continuously innovates research and development technology, has sufficient management and marketing talents, and adopts strict quality management system and strict ERP material control system. The company has many advanced production lines such as sheet metal, injection molding, two-piece, carton, foam, final assembly and so on, equipped with advanced production equipment such as laser cutting, digital punching, digital folding, automatic welding and imported testing instruments, the national standard laboratory has been built to provide the market with high-quality heat pump dryers, air energy water heaters, food dryers, agricultural products dryers, medicinal materials dryers, fruit and vegetable dryers, meat products dryers, etc.
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