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Why do you choose heat pump dryer for camellia seed drying?

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-23
Why do you choose heat pump dryer for drying Camellia oleifera seeds: in the drying process of Camellia oleifera seeds, each stage needs different temperatures to bake, which has high requirements on temperature and humidity, camellia seed heat pump dryer has the characteristics of convenient operation, high-tech touch screen, as long as the temperature and humidity ratio and drying time are set, the whole process will run automatically. In the drying stage, medium and low temperature drying is required to allow moisture to slowly penetrate out. When drying, tray loading is required. A material rack can be designed to hold 10 trays, the number of drying determines the size of the baking room and the number of material racks. At this time, the heat of the baking room is required to be sufficient and the hot air circulation should be uniform, according to the placement of Camellia oleifera seeds, the Yihe heat pump dryer reasonably designs the air path of the baking room so that circulating hot air passes through every corner of the baking room to unify the drying quality.
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