What are the characteristics of vegetable dryer equipment?

by:IKE     2020-03-15
1. IKE vegetable dryer equipment adopts the way of heat pump closed cycle drying, which can meet the production power requirements satisfactorily and achieve the purpose of saving energy; After applying the automatic control form of air temperature, it can well ensure the automatic control of equipment humidity and the set drying temperature and humidity. 2. After using the form of forced circulation air supply, the temperature difference of the equipment can be well ensured to be stable. For the equipment, the basic output value is high and fast, which can achieve better energy saving purpose. The thermal power is high, ensuring that the color of the product is very good. What are the characteristics of the vegetable dryer to ensure the drying of the equipment after using the common adjustable air distribution plate structure vegetables. What are the characteristics of IKE vegetable dryer? IKE will explain a few points for you. You may want to know: 1. Hot air is circulated in a closed loop in a vegetable dryer, with high thermal power and can save energy. 2. The forced circulation operation mode ensures that the temperature difference inside the drying box is small. The drying output value is large, the drying speed is fast, the dry product has high efficacy, saves fuel, has high thermal power, and the dry product has good color. 3. Adjustable air distribution plate form can ensure boring and uniform. According to different characteristics of vegetables, different technological processes and supporting auxiliary equipment can be adopted. Exclusive analysis of vegetable dryer equipment characteristics 4. Haotian vegetable dryer equipment temperature control, humidity control, useful to ensure the temperature and humidity required for drying ( It contains active heating, active moisture discharge system and active circulating air system). 5. Active Control of drying time, real realization of active handling. 6. Quick drying is a more energy-saving vegetable drying equipment that replaces the traditional dryer. Relatively low temperature drying ensures that the dried mushrooms, cucumber slices, beans and other vegetables are of high quality, not broken, good color, good nutrient elements and good rehydration. 8. The machine has low noise, stable operation and low operation cost. It can be continuously produced in large quantities and preserve the nutrient composition and color of the product to the maximum limit. 9. It has wide application and can be dried at different temperatures according to different vegetable characteristics. 10. The vegetable drying process does not require artificial secondary interference.
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