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Technical analysis on drying application cases of momordica grosvenori in Guilin

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-03-12
Mangosteen, commonly known as 'fairy fruit', is a perennial Liana of Cucurbitaceae. Its leaves are heart-shaped, dioecious, flowering in summer and fruiting in autumn. Traditional Chinese Medicine takes its fruit as medicine, contains mogroside, a variety of amino acids, vitamins and other medicinal ingredients, and is mainly used for treating lung heat, phlegm, fire, cough, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, acute gastritis, constipation, etc. Momordica grosvenori has very special requirements for growth environment. It can only grow in northern Guangxi, China. It is one of the famous specialties of Guilin city, Guangxi province. Yongfu county, Rong 'an County and Lingui county in Guangxi are the three major producing areas of momordica grosvenori, accounting for 90% of the world's output. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the cultivation area of momordica grosvenori, the yield of momordica grosvenori has also increased. In the existing technology, the processing of momordica grosvenori is mainly to be dried to facilitate its long-term preservation and use in the fields of tea making and traditional Chinese medicine. However, the conventional drying method, the time can be up to several days to ten days, the time used is too long, is not conducive to the rapid processing of momordica grosvenori. The volume of momordica grosvenori is relatively large and the water content is relatively high. How to dry it quickly without losing its efficacy is a big problem in drying momordica grosvenori. The unique energy-saving baking system of the heat pump drying and dehumidification integrated machine completely solves the problem of temperature uniformity in the drying room, and the intelligent moisture removal system is an effective and fast guarantee. 1. The fruit is divided into several grades such as super-large fruit and big fruit. After being installed on the material trolley and pushed into the drying room, the momordica grosvenori dryer is started without turning over the fruit. After several days of intelligent temperature control drying and moisture removal, so the fruits are dried at the same time. The dried fruit is golden in color, does not break the skin, does not crack, and can be kept for a longer time after drying, and the grade of the fruit has also reached a higher level. 2. After saccharification and sweating, the fruits are put into the oven according to the large, medium and small ones, and the Air energy heat pump drying and dehumidification integrated heat pump starts to heat up. During the baking process, the temperature should be controlled from low temperature to low temperature-High temperature-Three processes of cooling down. The first stage of drying: when the fruit is just put into the furnace, due to the high water content, first use the dryer to gradually heat up and maintain 20- After 24 hours, the water is gradually evaporated, and the humidity is adjusted automatically for 2-3 days to drain most of the water. 3. The second stage of drying: the temperature is gradually increased to evaporate the water, the humidity is adjusted to automatically drain the moisture, and the water vapor is discharged, which lasts for 2-3 days to drain most of the water. 4. The third stage of drying: cooling to 55- Between 60 degrees, continue to bake for 2 days, so that the weight of the fruit dropped to 25-30% can become dried fruit. Turn off the air to dry and dehumidify the heat pump system, let it cool naturally, and wait for cooling to be released. Technical analysis on drying application cases of momordica grosvenori in Guilin
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