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Technical advantages of using paper cylinder Heat Pump Dryer

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-24
The technical advantages of the paper tube heat pump dryer are as follows: 1. The heat preservation effect is good, and the labor cost can be saved by 50%. its energy saving is more than 50% energy saving than that of electric heating tube, infrared, microwave, etc, it saves 40% energy than burning oil and 30% energy than burning coal. 2. The drying environment is clean and there is no discharge of waste gas, waste water and waste residue. 3. It has controllable temperature and humidity adjustment function, high Control Precision and can meet the needs of high-end market. 4. The dried products have good quality, large output and high added value. 5. Improve the efficiency of finished products and reduce the defective rate of dried products. 6. It has a wide range of applications, is not limited by climate and environment, and can be produced all day long. The use of heat pump drying technology is a new direction and new field for industrial dehydration and drying, which has a strong impact and new challenge on common traditional industrial drying methods and drying equipment. At the same time, the application of heat pump technology is also in line with the national and local governments to advocate energy conservation and emission reduction, low-carbon production and living calls, conforms to the development of the times, can be said to be unstoppable; It has played an important role in both economic benefits and social effects, and has set an example for enterprises to implement and promote the goals, actions and feasibility of sustainable development. It has strong persuasion and benefits the people. Heat pump type paper tube paper tube paper shaft dryer is also suitable for baking mosquito repellent incense, cosmetic cotton, environmental protection carbon, pet feed, pet snacks, dog chewing glue, feed granules, enzyme preparation, chitosan food additive, cattle and sheep fish feed, self-adhesive coating drying and other industrial products drying and dehumidification treatment.
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