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Policy promotes the development of mushroom Heat Pump Dryer

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-03-12
I. Modern drying equipment for mushrooms: mushrooms are mainly eaten with dried mushrooms. The drying process plays a key role in the shape, color and fragrance of mushrooms. Nowadays, consumers are paying more and more attention to food hygiene and safety issues, especially for the processed categories, whether the source of the production process is environmentally friendly, clean and pollution-free is the primary consideration for everyone to choose whether to buy. Just like the well-known mushroom, in its manufacturing process, the traditional drying mainly adopts sun exposure, exposing the mushroom to the atmospheric environment, which will inevitably lead to dust, dust and mosquito pollution, naturally, food hygiene and safety issues are not guaranteed. After the wide application of mushroom dryer, the problem of substandard hygiene and safety in the manufacturing process has been solved. A closed drying room is adopted, and the drying process is carried out in a very clean and sanitary environment without any dust or dust pollution, and will not release any harmful gas and gas residue, moreover, the taste of mushrooms will not be lost. It can be said that the heat pump mushroom dryer is used for drying, and consumers no longer have to worry about food hygiene and safety issues, we will present consumers with a high-grade, zero-pollution, green, environmentally friendly, clean and hygienic mushroom product. II. Introduction and composition of mushroom heat pump dryer: The working principle of the dryer is based on the reverse Carnot cycle principle, using a small amount of electric energy and utilizing the compressor to absorb a large amount of heat energy in the air, after the working medium passes through the expansion valve, it evaporates into gas in the evaporator, then compresses the gas medium into high temperature and high pressure gas through the compressor, and then enters the condenser to release heat and heat the drying medium, such constant cyclic heating. It is mainly composed of the following components: 1. Main engine: Air energy heat pump drying dehumidifier ( Heat pump dryer uses little input of electric energy to absorb free heat in the air to dry materials) 2. Drying room: Polyurethane Foam Insulation Warehouse (Custom) , Used to place materials and keep them warm to avoid heat loss. 3. Baking room circulation system: 360 hot air circulation system, bringing heat to every corner of the drying room to raise the temperature of the drying room and taking away the moisture evaporated from the materials. 4. Wet drainage system: condense most of the hot and humid air in the baking room into water and drain the excess water vapor through the fan. 5, automatic intelligent control system: according to the most appropriate drying process curve, automatically adjust the temperature and humidity, drying time. 6. Unique heat recovery and energy saving technology: high-efficiency waste heat recovery and dehumidification device improves energy efficiency by 30% compared with ordinary heat pump dryers. Third, why the mushroom heat pump dryer can achieve uniform drying: it has the function of drying and dehumidification. According to the structure of the main engine, the partition in the drying room is divided into two, and one side is the hot air outlet, the air outlet adopts 8 to 16 high-temperature fans, which are evenly distributed; On one side, the return air is dehumidified, and the high-temperature moisture is recycled after heat recovery. The whole baking oven adopts a 360-degree hot air circulation design, which enables hot air to pass through each tray in the upper, middle and lower parts of the material rack, evaporating moisture and taking away water vapor at the same time. IV. Matching scheme of mushroom heat pump dryer: at present, there are many manufacturers producing mushroom, small ones have individual workshops and large ones have professional factories. In view of this situation, our company has introduced different drying design schemes, several hundred catties, can use a set of 3P dryer, matching 15 cubic drying room, 1000 catties, using 6p dryer, matching 25 cubic drying room, 2000, you can use 10p dryer, matching 45 cubic drying room, you can adjust the design according to the different needs of each customer to achieve good results, at present, the host control system developed by the company can adjust the drying process according to different mushrooms, greatly improving the applicability and better promoting the development of mushroom processing industry. V. The policy promotes the development of mushroom heat pump dryer: at present, many regions drive farmers to engage in mushroom production through the mode of 'company cooperative farmers' and increase the income of producers. With the continuous expansion of the scale, the traditional manual drying can no longer meet the demand. The appearance of healthy consumption concept has eliminated many coal-burning and firewood drying with heavy pollution. The implementation of the national policy of 'coal to electricity, and let a lot of high energy consumption of drying equipment slowly out of the market, and the new energy-saving environmental protection heat pump dryer is slowly by more users like, mushroom heat pump dryer is the most a new type of energy-saving environmental protection equipment, the dry production environment of mushroom has been improved, the food hygiene and safety have been further improved, the intelligent drying has reduced the labor force, and the output has also been increased. Electricity can be seen everywhere, the mushroom can be dried anytime and anywhere, and the production will no longer be restricted by weather factors, which greatly promotes the development of the mushroom industry chain.
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