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Matters needing attention in drying traditional Chinese medicine

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-03-11
There are many kinds of medicinal materials and a wide range of sources, and each medicinal material has many chemical components. Due to historical reasons, there are great differences in the degree of development and utilization of traditional Chinese medicine resources and the scope of application in various parts of the country. Therefore, for the sake of the tunnel and efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine, the following factors should be considered when using the traditional Chinese medicine dryer: 1. This kind and nature of the medicinal materials: the medicinal materials include roots, stems, leaves, fruits, seeds, skins, etc. The shape, size, thickness, weight, texture, composition and other factors of traditional Chinese medicine all affect the drying process. 2, drying temperature: according to the different materials, in the case of ensuring the quality of drying, try to choose a high drying temperature to speed up the drying speed. 3. Humidity: different humidity contents of materials. 4. Wind speed of hot air medium: the speed of hot air medium in drying room is related to drying speed, material form and material characteristics. 5. Selection of drying speed and drying method: Drying should be controlled under certain technical parameters such as temperature, humidity and wind speed to ensure the maintenance of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients during the drying process. 6. Correct material placement: stacking thickness and placement affect drying speed. The stacking thickness should be reasonably controlled, the heat exchange area and the ventilation volume should be increased, so as to speed up the drying speed. 7. Mixed drying of different varieties: in principle, the drying of Chinese herbal medicines requires a single variety, and it cannot be mixed with multiple varieties for drying. 8. Re-drying: generally, it refers to the secondary drying of the dried stored raw materials to meet the customer's requirements before processing the traditional Chinese medicine.
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