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Mango Dehydrator


Mango Dehydrator

Dried mango is a food product made by peeling, slicing, or cubing ripe mangoes and subjecting them to drying under suitable temperature and humidity conditions. Dried mangoes typically retain the rich flavor and sweetness of mangoes, with a soft but not sticky texture, and have a longer shelf life. They can be enjoyed as a healthy snack or used as an ingredient in various culinary applications such as fruit salads, granola bars, and baked goods.

How to dehydrate mango

Mango drying with IKE Heat Pump Dryer

1. Preparation: Start by selecting suitable mangoes. Ensure they are not overly ripe, as firmer mangoes will slice more easily and retain their shape during the drying process. Thoroughly wash and peel the mangoes to remove any dirt or debris.

2. Processing Mangoes: Slice the mangoes into uniform pieces. Aim for slices that are of consistent thickness to ensure even drying. Additionally, depending on processing requirements, mangoes can undergo other techniques such as soaking in sugar syrup to create candied mangoes or undergoing additional treatments for specific culinary purposes.

3. Loading the Dehydrator: Place the mango slices onto the drying trays of the IKE Heat Pump Dryer. Ensure there is some space between each slice to allow for adequate air circulation.

4. Setting Temperature and Humidity: Set the temperature to around 55-60°C (130-140°F), which is suitable for drying mangoes. Adjust the humidity settings according to the desired drying outcome as per the customer's requirements. The drying time for mango slices varies depending on their thickness, with thinner slices requiring less time to dry than thicker ones.

5. Drying Process: Start the IKE dryer to initiate the drying process. The heat pump technology gently removes moisture from the mango slices, preserving their color, flavor, and nutritional content.

6. Monitoring: Regularly check the progress of the drying process to ensure even drying. Rotate the trays if necessary to promote uniform drying.

7. Checking for Dryness: The mango slices are ready when they are firm and leathery, with no moisture content. They should not be sticky or tacky to the touch.

8. Packaging: Once fully dried, use a packaging machine to seal the dried chili peppers in airtight packaging. Proper packaging helps maintain the quality of the dried chili peppers during storage and transportation.


With the efficiency and reliability of the IKE Heat Pump Dehydrator, customers can easily and effectively dry large quantities of mango to meet the demands of commercial food processing. In addition to the mango dehydrator, IKE also offers mango peeling machines, slicing machines, and packaging machines to provide comprehensive solutions for mango processing needs.

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Dried mango processed by different techniques: natural, sugar pickled, blanched

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Choose IKE Mango Dehydrator

Commercial Cabinet-type Mango Dehydrator
Capacity: 20~100kg per batch
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Drying Temperature: 20℃~80℃
The IKE commercial cabinet-type mango dehydrator can be used only by connecting to the power supply. It is the smallest and easiest-to-operate heat pump mango dehydrator of IKE Group. It uses heat pump technology to save energy. Drying takes place in a closed system, which keeps your mango clean and hygienic.
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Industrial Mango Dehydrator
Capacity: 200~2500kg per batch
Power supply: 220V/380V, 50Hz/60Hz
Drying Temperature: 15℃~80℃
IKE industrial mango dehydrators have a larger capacity compared to commercial cabinet-type mango dehydrators. It can accommodate a significant volume of products for drying, making it suitable for industrial-scale drying solutions. The internal structure or accessories of the drying room can be customized to meet the specific requirements of drying different products. IKE industrial mango dehydrator, no need to install, just plug in and use. Its design reduces shipping and installation costs for customers.
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Customized Automatic Continuous Mango Dehydrator
Capacity: According to your needs
Power supply: 380V, 50Hz/60Hz
Drying Temperature: 15℃~80℃
IKE automatic continuous mango dehydrator is an automatic drying equipment for large-scale drying mango. The automatic continuous mango dehydrator can run uninterruptedly, so that the mango can be dried continuously, improving efficiency and productivity. It uses heat pump technology to minimize operating costs and environmental impact. IKE customized automatic continuous mango dehydrator is compact and minimizes floor space requirements. Please tell us your drying needs.
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