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L3.5a small portable cabinet heat pump dryer for

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-18
L3.5 A small household cabinet temperature heat pump dryers is IKE carefully designed A mobility, plug and play without family dryer installation, this heat pump dryers is belong to medium temperature machine, the temperature can reach 55-65 degrees, very suitable for drying of agricultural products, dry fruits, vegetables, dry, dry herbs, LaWei drying, etc., more details please consult our customer service. We also provide free product drying test, a lifetime of cooperative maintenance. 1. Features and working principle of l3.5a medium temperature dryer 2. It can control the temperature of remote mobile phone to master the drying status of products in real time 3. Plug and play, no installation, easy to move 4. Wide range of use: agricultural products, fruits, vegetables, grain drying, meat drying, seafood, tea and so on, more please consult our customer service. The heat pump drying products are of high quality, we adopt the closed-loop dewatering heat recycling, which can achieve rapid drying and energy-saving and pollution-free products. How it works: the drying essence removes moisture, but temperature is not the most critical factor. The key to drying depends on the relative humidity in a certain space. IKE company created the original 'closed cycle' dryer by using the drying essence, and changed the traditional heat pump dryer from 'drying' to 'dehumidifier'. Its several advantages are the traditional heat pump dryer can not be compared.
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