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Innovative technology IKE cloud, Internet, mobile phone remote monitoring function

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-03-03
The 'cloud management' system launched by IKE can connect any number of WRH series dryers through local area network or internet, and monitor, manage and maintain them centrally through computers or mobile phones, it is a major innovation in remote control of drying industry at present. 1. Local area network or internet can be connected to realize cross-regional and mobile detection; 2. A computer can manage any number of dryers in the network at the same time, and can understand the operation of each machine without inspection; 3. Real-time alarm for abnormal faults to minimize damage to items caused by system faults; 4. The historical curve data are searched to facilitate the summary and improvement of the drying process; 5. Super preset function, can set any multi-stage drying sequence, making the drying process more exquisite; 6. The remote assistance function allows after-sales service personnel to carry out remote maintenance without going out, and the training, maintenance and management of users can be realized at zero cost.
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