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IKE heat pump dryer daily maintenance method

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-03-11
With the popularization of more and more heat pump dryers, IKE heat pump dryers have been used to summarize some daily maintenance methods. For users who have just come into contact with IKE heat pump dryer equipment and are ready to use high temperature heat pump dryer to create wealth and value for themselves, it is very necessary to know some knowledge about the maintenance and maintenance of the closed-loop heat pump dryer before and during use, so that it is not tight and can delay the service life of the machine, and reasonable maintenance and maintenance can give full play to the performance of the dryer and improve the working efficiency. In order to avoid unnecessary troubles and minimize the losses caused by small mistakes to production. The following is an introduction to the daily maintenance of IKE heat pump dryer for your reference. One. Daily maintenance of IKE heat pump dryer. Check whether the power cord is tight and the voltage is stable before starting up every day. 2. Clean the return air filter every day, clean the wool in the dust box, ensure good ventilation, and make the equipment play the best drying effect. 3. Detection within 30 minutes after the dryer is normally turned on (Low, medium, high)Whether each operating pressure of meets the normal range. 2. Monthly maintenance of IKE heat pump dryer 1. Open the rear box cover and use soft cotton cloth to clean all parts inside the equipment. 2. The fin Heat Exchanger of the dryer is thoroughly cleaned to ensure the best heat exchange effect of the unit. 3. Add appropriate lubricating oil to moving parts such as fan bearings to reduce friction. 4. Check the belt tension and adjust the pulley properly to make it in the best working condition. 5. Strengthen the parts that are easy to loosen and fall off after vibration, including electrical lines, rocker arms of doors, pipe connections, etc. Three. Annual maintenance of IKE heat pump dryer. Check whether the fixing bolts of the engine base are loose and firm. 2. Check the tightness of the support spring connection and adjust it at the same time. 3. Check the grounding condition of the equipment and ensure reliability. 4. Check the flexibility of computer board control, wind wheel and heat exchanger. 5. Send the thermometer and other instruments on the equipment to the local technical supervision bureau for measurement. Label: IKE, heat pump dry drying machine
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