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IKE dryer 6 innovative technologies

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-03-02
1. Advanced drying concept replace heating drying with dehumidification drying creatively adopts dehumidification dehydration method, which can achieve good drying effect at normal temperature. 2. Superior Energy-saving effect closed-loop energy recovery efficiency has nothing to do with external temperature and humidity. Only water is discharged without energy loss and complete energy recovery 3. Simple installation structure quick installation, worry-free maintenance integrated design, in addition to the power supply and display, no other interface, ordinary electricians will also install. Intelligent automatic control system, the drying process basically without manual intervention, a few minutes can master the operation. 4. Ideal drying quality, super high qualified rate and consistency, low-temperature dehumidification, no damage to the dry matter, no loss of effective components, strong wind convection ensures good consistency and uniformity, the surface of the dried object is anhydrous, not easy to mold, and basically no bad products. 5. Clean and sanitary, easy to preserve and process without secondary pollution. External dust cannot enter, the effective components of the articles are not lost, strong wind convection, and the drying process is not moldy or deteriorated. 6. Intelligent Cloud system internet remote supervision adopts Internet cloud computing technology to realize centralized monitoring, management and maintenance of any number of machines. Even if you are thousands of miles away, you can also pay attention to the company's dry situation through your mobile phone, cloud management, let you rest easy!
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