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How to choose the right fruit and vegetable dryer equipment for you?

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-03-01
According to the analysis, China is currently a major producer of fruits and vegetables in the world. The total output of fruits exceeded 0. 2 billion tons, and the total output of vegetables was about 0. 8 billion tons. Because of this, the processing of fruits and vegetables and other agricultural products is an important method of value-added. However, compared with some countries, the proportion of dried fruit and vegetable products in China is still relatively low. At present, the processing capacity of dried and dehydrated vegetables in China only accounts for about 10% of the products, and the drying of fruits is lower, however, with the development of fruit and vegetable dryer processing for fruits and vegetables and other agricultural products in China in recent years, the processing has also taken steps. There are many kinds of fruits, vegetables and agricultural products in our country that can be dried and processed, from vegetables to various fruits, to credit bacteria, noodles, rice noodles, etc. If Chinese herbal medicines are included, there will be more kinds of products to be carried out such as roasting. With the rapid development of China's drying and processing technology and equipment for agricultural products since the reform and opening up, the drying and processing industry in agricultural products producing areas has developed rapidly and greatly promoted the rapid development of drying technology and equipment for agricultural products. At present, what are the common processing technologies for drying agricultural products in China? Users can choose their own fruit and vegetable dryers according to their own conditions and production scale. 1. At present, the traditional drying generally uses coal, oil, gas or electricity. The more advanced is to use air energy to heat and dry. We use the environment at 20 °c, remove 1kg of the moisture in the article as the standard, and compare the energy consumption of several drying systems: Guangdong IKE fruit and vegetable heat pump dryer. It is composed of the main engine and the drying room. The material of the drying room is generally color steel plate with a thickness of 10 CM. The inside of the plate is polyurethane foaming, which is similar to the heat preservation and heat insulation functions of the water tank of the domestic electric water heater, the air inside the drying room is isolated from the outside world and has good heat preservation effect. The main engine has the difference between integrated and split type, and the price will be different. The heat pump dryer is a kind of customized equipment, which is produced on demand. Once it dries five hundred catties of materials, it also dries tens of thousands of catties of materials, there are processing cycle and installation cycle, and the processing cycle is generally 7-15 working days, installed at 1-2nd.
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