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How to Choose heat pump vegetable dryer?

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-03-08
How to choose a heat pump vegetable dryer: at present, in the gradual development of science and technology, the application of vegetable dryer has replaced the traditional ordinary daily drying, and has been valued by more and more customers, the emergence of vegetable drying can greatly improve the efficiency, but also improve the quality of drying, which is time-saving and labor-saving, which is one of the reasons why many customers choose now. What are the characteristics of the heat pump vegetable dryer: 1. Instead of the traditional daily drying hygiene problem, IKE closed-loop drying box is adopted, which has no secondary pollution, I . e. hygiene and safety. 2, improve the drying efficiency, the traditional drying and drying and electric heating drying efficiency is far lower than the current new heat pump drying efficiency. 3. Automatic drying adopts automatic drying without manual drying, and the dried products are uniform. 4. The drying quality is greatly improved, the drying effect is very good, the ingredients are not lost, and the product looks very good. At present, the advantages and disadvantages of vegetable drying selection on the market refer to the current market selection of heat pump drying customers, mainly the current heat pump energy consumption is relatively low than other heat sources, moreover, energy saving is also environmentally friendly and the drying efficiency is high, which is the reason why customers like it. Therefore, Xiao Bian recommends IKE's heat pump drying equipment.
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