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How to choose bacon dryer equipment is recommended?

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-03-15
How to choose bacon dryer equipment: with the non-continuous development of the society, the innovation of the drying industry is not upgraded. Should customers choose the right Bacon dryer equipment? Xiaobian today takes you to know a few more practical bacon drying equipment 1. Recommend an IKEV11GF high temperature cabinet drying machine for bacon drying, Bacon drying, agricultural product drying, fruit and vegetable drying, this equipment has a wide range of applications: it can dry any food in a mild, fast and reliable way. 1, all in one structure, no need to install, just connect it to the power supply can be used. 2, high-grade fingerless stainless steel magnetic door, easy to open. 3, the tray is stacked directly, without the rack, the capacity is large, and the user is convenient. 4, strong wind parallel penetration, drying effect is good, dry evenly. 5, double evaporator, efficient and not easy to frost. 6. Intelligent drying and touch screen operation. 7, can not move the external parts to any place at any time, move at will. 2. It is recommended that the two L11A closed-loop dehumidification bacon dryer adopt an embedded drying host, which needs to be used with the drying room. The L11A dryer is pushed into the built standard drying room. The characteristics of the machine are: it can be flexibly used for merchants with large output. The machine power selection includes: 3 dryers and 5 dryers. 3 bacon drying room: the above 2 bacon dryer equipment are IKE hot products, Xiaobian today will recommend these 2 models for everyone, V11GF cabinet dryer and L11A embedded dryer. For more details, please consult customer service online to answer your questions. The company also provides free drying tests for products.
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