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How to choose a suitable heat pump dryer?

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-03-05
We all know that there are many manufacturers in the whole heat pump dryer industry, all over the country, but how can we choose the right heat pump dryer for you? Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to a few key points on the selection of dryers: 1. Choose the drying equipment that suits you: there are many types of heat pump dryers. While asking the price of the dryer, also tell the sales staff of the dryer manufacturer about their materials, the degree of drying, and the output required per hour or per day, so that the sales can choose a device suitable for your materials and output, give the corresponding price. Because the same kind of equipment, the dryer model is not the same, the amount of processing and drying characteristics are not the same. 2, the choice of cost performance, when buying a heat pump dryer, we should not only pay attention to the price, but also pay attention to the quality of the product and the ability of the manufacturer and after-sales service capabilities, etc. , all-round consideration, don't choose some small enterprises without core technology, poor service and low price may not be good, greedy for small and cheap, and frequent problems with machines in later maintenance costs will cause greater losses. Therefore, it is not low price or high price that is the standard of your choice. 3. On-site factory inspection: you can go to the manufacturer of the dryer to increase your understanding of the product, observe the manufacturer's production capacity, and check whether the production process and materials of the heat pump dryer are standard. 4. Communicate with the sales staff of the dryer manufacturer to provide some previously dried case videos or references for drying effects. The above four points are the choices that are briefly introduced for everyone today. Welcome to discuss how to buy Heat Pump Dryer. Mobile heat pump dryer case
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