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How much is the high temperature heat pump dryer

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-19
How much is the high temperature heat pump dryer customers want to know the answer: IKE the classification of the heat pump dryers have low temperature drying, the drying temperature, high temperature drying, ultra high temperature drying in choosing a dryer customers according to the first of his dry product requirement and select the corresponding temperature dryer, rather than the blind pursuit of high temperature hot dryer is good, high temperature can cause the product focus, high temperature heat pump dryers is generally high temperature can reach 80 degrees Celsius. How much is the low and high temperature dryer? In fact, relative to the high temperature dryer is lower than the dryer price is slightly higher, because the manufacturer in the production of accessories and manufacturing process on the difference, so in the cost of the price is higher than the low temperature and medium temperature of the machine. Low temperature dryer temperature 35-55 degrees air temperature Medium temperature dryer humidity 55-65 degrees air temperature High temperature dryer temperature 65-80 degrees air temperature The higher the temperature of the dryer can reach 80-100 air temperature. Today for you to introduce here, if you do not understand can consult our online customer service technical support. IKE dryer also provides free product drying test.
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