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How much is the fig dryer?

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-03-02
I. How much is the fig dryer? Fig is a relatively common fruit. Its edible methods are various. Because it has both edible value and medicinal value, it is called a good product for both medicine and food. From the perspective of dietotherapy, figs have the characteristics of promoting fluid production and quenching thirst, in which antioxidants such as vitamin C and anthocyanins can help remove free radicals in the human body, delay aging and inhibit pigment precipitation, it has the effect of beauty and beauty. Figs can choose to use heat pump dryer for secondary processing and preservation for a longer time. The taste is also very good. II. Selection of fig dryer: 1P cabinet dryer can be easily moved in size: 1180x 680x 1800 can dry fig about 100 at one time, and consumes 1 degree of electricity per hour. The 3P cabinet dryer is also movable in size: 1800x 930x 2100 can dry more than 300 catties of figs at one time, with a power of 3 degrees of electricity per hour. It adopts heat pump drying technology to save energy and electricity. 5P embedded medium temperature dryer: main machine size: 1800x 680x 1320 standard drying board room size: 3800x 1820x 2000, the dryer adopts a split type of dryer and drying room, it can dry more than 500 of figs at one time, consuming about 5 degrees of electricity per hour. 12P special drying room for fruits and vegetables, S30 fruit and vegetable dryer can be dried at one time 1. Figs over 5 thousand catties are dried in a closed-loop way, saving energy and electricity, consuming about 12 degrees per hour. III. The experience of fig drying process we arrange the experience of fig drying as follows. After putting the flavored fig into the drying room, send it into the drying room, and divide it into one layer with 10 to 15 cm, then set the stage temperature adjustment to 50 ℃, 65 ℃ and 50 ℃ to bake in stages, ending with figs not sticking to hands. In the process of baking, pay attention to the timely discharge of moisture, in case of long baking time or product color is too deep. According to the size of the fig product and the initial humidity, there are also the following drying processes: For reference, the specific drying technology process 1. Drying process: 75-80 degree insulation 3-5 hours; Heat up to 60-Keep warm at 65 degrees for 13 hours and raise the temperature to 50-55 degrees insulation for 3 hours, a total of 20-21 hours. 2. Drying process: 75-80 degree insulation 3-5 hours; Heat up to 50-Keep the temperature at 55 degrees for 16 hours and raise the temperature to 55-60 degrees insulation for 1 hour, a total of 19-20 hours. How much is the fig dryer at about 15000 -? 150000 yuan customers can choose according to their own production needs. When choosing fig dryer, don't just pursue cheap price, but choose high cost performance, such as power consumption and drying quality. IKE specializes in producing all kinds of heat pump dryers heat pump dryers. It adopts the latest design, that is, it saves electricity and has high drying quality. It is a well-known brand manufacturer in the industry.
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