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home food dehydrator stainless or plastic - part 3

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-16
The household food dehydrator comparison between stainless steel and plastic will continue to be compared with the capabilities of different units.
People will think that the dehydrator is a dehydrator.
But this is not the case.
The plastic electric food dehydrator has various shapes and sizes, square, round and rectangular.
The stainless steel food dehydrator is a square or elongated square or rectangular structure.
Shape has a lot to do with the effectiveness of the unit.
Plastic circular units can force warm air up from the bottom or top.
Nesco/American Garden Master dehydrator FD-
1018P is an example of a bottom-up heating of air circulation.
A newer way of air circulation in the dehydrator is the Nesco Snackmaster Express dehydrator, where air moves from top to bottom.
L Equip FilterPro and GooD4U are rectangular machines that approach the drying process in different ways.
FilterPro still comes from the bottom and the air is filtered, while GooD4U is a design for high-end quality units.
The airflow is generated from the back of the unit instead of the top or bottom, and then flows through the tray a with a uniform airflow, which has a good effect on the drying practice.
In the case of plastic and stainless steel food dehydrator, some ideas can be established.
First of all, if you look at the lowest cost round you can buy at a big discount store, the result will not be so good.
You need to rotate the tray for even drying and the final product will not be the best.
However, this type of machine can do the job.
From the top or bottom to the next height of circular forced air, the Nesco/American Garden Master dehydrator or the Nesco Snackmaster Express dehydrator will dry more efficiently.
L The rectangular type of gear FilterPro and GooD4U will be upgraded from there again.
The space efficiency of square or rectangular pallets is much higher than that of rectangular pallets
Unused areas on round pallets.
The square or rectangle is better in this case.
GooD4U is the best unit of this type.
The Excalibur is and remains the standard in the dry industry, but GooD4U is knocking on the door and is equally efficient.
We will continue or study two kinds of dehydrator, plastic and stainless steel in the next article (part 4)
Features of stainless steel model.
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