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home food dehydrator stainless or plastic - part 1

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-12
Is plastic the best choice for Home Food dehydrator?
Over the years, people have frequently asked questions about selling and using them.
A dehydrator made of plastic or stainless steel, which is the best?
Is all that wrong is the material they use?
Is there a difference in performance?
Is there the best food dehydrator?
In an article we will discuss the structure of the plastic dehydrator, all the great questions and too much content.
So far, the use of plastic is the fastest and easiest to make.
Since it is almost indestructible, polycarbonate must be used as the housing material.
This is a must in a family environment.
How many times have we moved something, \"hit\" it, and what you know next is that it\'s broken.
The cabinet made of polyester is very strong.
Polycarbonate is also a natural thermal insulation material.
This works well in food dehydration.
Another consideration when looking at food equipment is to use polypropylene 5 for food contact surfaces.
While polyester materials are excellent shell materials, they are not good rack materials.
Polypropylene is the safest plastic material for direct contact with food.
The FDA-approved polypropylene 5 is used for direct food contact surfaces.
This is seen in the Shenjian food dehydrator.
Another consideration is the use of FDA-approved polypropylene 5, as it is safe to use in a low temperature environment.
Plastic does not produce smoke in applications below 160 degrees.
This is a concern in cheap food dehydrator!
View the information on the packaging or website for the materials being used.
We will continue the discussion in the second part on the comparison of the best food dehydrator.
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