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Heat pump vegetable dryer how to choose

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-21
How to choose a heat pump vegetable dryer: At present in the gradual development of science and technology, the application of vegetable dryer instead of the traditional ordinary daily drying, has been more and more customers focus on, the emergence of vegetables drying not tight will greatly improve the efficiency, but also improve the quality of drying, that is, save time and labor, is one of the reasons why many customers choose. What are the characteristics of the heat pump vegetable dryer: 1. Instead of the traditional daily sun-drying hygiene problem, we adopt the closed loop drying box of vioxx, which is sanitary and safe without secondary pollution. 2, improve the drying efficiency, the traditional drying sun drying and electric heating drying efficiency is far lower than the new heat pump drying efficiency. 3, automatic drying, the use of automatic drying without manual drying, drying products out of uniform. 4, drying quality greatly improved, drying effect is very good ingredients do not lose, like a good product. At present, the market now choose heat pump drying more customers, mainly now heat pump energy consumption than other sources of input costs are relatively low, and energy saving but also environmental protection, high drying efficiency, is the reason for customer love. So here this article recommends the use of heat pump IKE drying equipment.
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