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Heat pump drying technology of day lily

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-23
Heat pump drying technology of day Lily day lily is a large number of vegetables planted in rural areas in recent years. Day Lily has the effects of hemostasis, detumescence and clearing away heat and toxic materials. It is most suitable to eat day lily in summer, day Lily is cultivated in the south and north of China, and day lily in many regions has applied for origin protection and geographical indication product protection. From 2002 ~ On 2010, according to the 'regulations on the protection of products in the region of origin' and the 'announcement of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine', the protection of the origin areas of Qidong, Shaodong, Qingyang and day Lily was carried out, the protection of geographical indication products for day Lily produced in Chengguan town, fengtang township, Liu zhentun township, lincai town, Dayan, Huaiyang and other township areas of Huaiyang county in Henan province shall be implemented. There are two ways to eat fresh and dry day lily. Fresh day Lily is not easy to store, so a large number of day Lily need to be dehydrated and dried for packaging, storage and sales. In recent years, the national output of day lily has been rising continuously, with China's output of day Lily reaching 190,000 tons in 2013; China's day Lily output in 2014 21. 20 thousand tons, an increase of 11. 6%; China's day Lily output in 2015 29. 80 thousand tons, an increase of 20. 3%; China's day Lily output in 2016 29. 80 thousand tons, an increase of 16. 9%; The output of China's day lily in 2017 was 35. 40 thousand tons, an increase of 18. 8%. How does the heat pump dryer and drying process of day Lily rely on the day Lily dryer to dry? Harvest the flower buds of day lily in the early morning and 3. 5- It is necessary to carry out the fixing within 5 hours to avoid the deterioration of day Lily caused by respiratory consumption, enzymatic browning, flowering, microbial corruption and other reasons. At present, farmers generally use the traditional steaming fixing method. The finished day Lily becomes soft as a whole, and can be put into the material truck to push the drying process in the day Lily dryer. The day Lily dryer mentioned here refers to the air source heat pump dryer, which is a new energy environmental protection equipment that absorbs air heat for transfer and transportation. The processed day Lily does not contain sulfur and has good quality. Setting the drying temperature of day lily, the water of day Lily evaporates relatively quickly after being finished. In the early stage of drying, the air in the drying room needs to be heated up rapidly. The starting point of the set temperature is 50 ℃, and the dehumidification is turned off, for 1 hour. After the temperature is raised, the dehumidification mode is started quickly, and the humidity is selected for control. The relative humidity ratio is set to 55%, the internal fan is started, and the temperature is set to 55 ℃ for 8 hours. When the dryer starts to drain water continuously, pay attention to observe the ratio of water flow size and relative humidity, continue to heat up, and the temperature rises to 60℃ for 5 hours. During the drying process for a period of time, attention should be paid to observe the degree of drainage and drying of day lily. According to the drying situation, the temperature can be continuously increased and then dried 4- About 5 hours, and then ended the whole heat pump drying process.
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