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Guilin mangosteen heat pump dryer how much is it?

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-03-08
How much is Guilin momordica grosvenori Heat Pump Dryer? Guangdong IKE dryer specializes in producing momordica grosvenori dryer customized scheme drying technical support. Welcome to consult IKE company 13823485392 momordica grosvenori tea: 1. Momordica grosvenori 20g, soaked in boiling water for 15 minutes. The prescription has the effects of clearing lung, relieving cough and laxative, can protect throat, and can also treat hoarseness, cough discomfort, sore throat and other diseases caused by wind-heat attack on lung. 2. One siraitia grosvenorii is peeled off, and the leather belt is used to make tea with open water bubble. The taste is sweet and mellow, with one dose per day to treat chronic pharyngitis. 3, 1 momordica grosvenori, 1 persimmon, water decoction, cure whooping cough. 4, 3 momordica grosvenori, peel and add the appropriate amount of water to steam 1 dose per day, taken in the morning and evening, has a good therapeutic effect on colds, cough, phlegm, stomach heat and constipation: yongfu county in Guilin is the hometown of mangosteen, and mangosteen has been planted for more than 200 years. It is said that a Yao doctor named arhat first used this plant for clinical trials and achieved good results, so he named the fruit after him. It is a perennial perennial herbaceous Vine of Cucurbitaceae, and the fruit of momordica grosvenori, also known as momordica grosvenori, momordica grosvenori, qingpi fruit, luozhizi, Momordica charantia, etc. Momordica grosvenori can be eaten fresh, but it is often dried and preserved. It is a dried fruit with unique flavor. Momordica grosvenori looks like chicken eggs, and its skin is green. After being dried by charcoal fire, it becomes maroon red, shiny, leaving a little fuzz. The dried fruit skin is thin and crisp, and the surface of the fruit is yellowish white and soft, spongy-like. Momordica grosvenori is rich in nutritional value. Dried fruits contain about 30% sugar and 10% protein. Every 100g of fruits contain 100 mg vitamin c. The oil content of its nuts is as high as 40℃, and oleic acid and linoleic acid are the main ones, accounting for about 70%. It is a rare medicinal material, a high-grade cool drink and a good seasoning. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that momordica grosvenori is sweet, sour and cool, and has the effects of clearing heat and cooling blood, promoting fluid production and relieving cough, smoothing intestines and detoxifying, tender skin and benefiting skin, moistening lung and resolving phlegm, etc, it can be used for Yishou Yannian, Zaiyan Yuexi and the treatment of phlegm heat cough, throat swelling and pain, stool secret knot, thirst and irritability, and has the effect of preventing and treating respiratory tract infection and anticancer. Modern medical research has found that the sweetness of mogroside V is 250 of that of sucrose- 350 times, the sweetness of VI is 125 times that of sucrose. As a sweetener added to various foods, it is an ideal health care product for patients with diabetes, hypertension, chronic bronchitis, etc. Momordica grosvenori is rich in vitamin C and has anti-aging, anti-cancer and skin-benefiting and beauty effects; It has the effects of lowering blood lipid and losing weight, and can assist in the treatment of hyperlipidemia and improve the image of obese people. In daily life, this fruit can be used as seasoning for clear soup machine, and half of meat and broth can be used as seasoning, and its taste is naturally fresh, sweet and meaningful.
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