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gary rolfe - exploring the arctic

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-15
In Greenland, there is a village called Ittoqqortoormiit, which is very cold all year round.
It is located at 70 ° north, close to the mouth of the Conti tivak fjord, established in 1925.
The only way to enter the village for a few months each year is by helicopter or boat.
Arctic explorer William Scholes drew its area for the first time in 1822, an area that is not easy to become a place to settle unless you happen to be a polar bear or an Arctic explorer.
Gary Rolf is such a man who is working hard to maintain the dog\'s tradition with his purely breeding Greenland dog team.
The physical requirement is that when a person runs a team of dogs, the life on this beautiful but challenging land is great, when Gary started any sledding adventure, his dog crossed the frozen land.
In his own words: \"Despite the funky hype, we all know what food is good for us and what is not.
But it\'s too easy to eat bad food.
Especially when you\'re breaking your legs.
Because I eat a lot, this is a topic close to my heart.
In winter, I laugh at the heat of marathon runners every day.
This dietary need and dramatic and dangerous background of the Arctic landscape Gary is equivalent to about 5,200 calories and requires concentrated and complete nutrition.
He also needs it to be compact and lightweight so that he can optimize every sled he and his dog team have when crossing the ice.
Due to working with dogs in Canada, Gary needs a natural form of nutrition, and in order to adapt to hard Arctic life, as much nutrition as possible has been preserved.
So that means he can dry natural foods like dried meat, fruits and vegetables at home.
When preserved with mild heat, the manufactured adventure foods simply cannot compete with the nutritional value provided by healthy fresh ingredients.
So for Gary, he relies on the American-made Excalibur dehydrator to make his own adventure shop.
When Gary lived in Canada in 2006 with one of the remaining purebred dogs, a tragedy took place.
Few people will be moved by his Guardian article about how he lost his beloved dog team when they fell into Arctic ice.
What is even more surprising than the person\'s emotional resilience is that he has spent the ordeal alone, which is what it takes to help him start a new dog team in Greenland.
After dragging himself and the only remaining dog out of the cold waters of the Arctic ice, he stripped naked on the packed ice in order to dry.
Then, when the body temperature began to drop, he managed to put his down jacket on his hard frozen fingers.
It was the survival lighthouse with him that helped him in the form of a polar bear hunter who successfully told his story.
This is a bit of help, but due to the combination of the best nutritious food and his daily exercise, his state of exercise has reached its peak, which is also helpful.
Once he recovered from a 4 degree freezing injury and lost some numbers, Gary honed a new team of young dogs over the next few years for an expedition in Greenland, while realizing his dream, keep the tradition that these brave working dogs are concerned about.
But moving to Greenland means he has to start using the European power supply, so in order for him to be ready for dry power, Gary needs a new dehydrator from Excalibur.
He contacted the British importer of the Excalibur, who was pleased to join his list of sponsors and shipped him a vehicle in Greenland.
Shenjian dehydrator is widely regarded as the best dehydrator by food drying enthusiasts.
Not only because of their drying properties, but also because of how much they can hold.
If you eat a lot of dried meat while leading a dog team, this ability is a big advantage, which is why it is not only for the leaders of the expedition, but also for outdoor enthusiasts and
Electric food dryers or dehydrators have been quite common for some time in the United States, and it is common to use this preservation method to dry any remaining harvest or seasonal fruit.
In Europe, however, the popularity of dehydrants is increasing, especially for health enthusiasts, hunters, foodies, outdoor enthusiasts, small snack makers and market gardeners.
When it comes to using the Excalibur dehydrator to make adventure supplies, Gary Rolf is an expert who has now written several informative articles related to the subject, available in several
If you would like to learn more about the way to use a dehydrator for outdoor activities to preserve nutrition, consider buying a great book, Backpack Food, by Linda Frederick Yafei.
But the food dehydrator guide contains almost everything and it is impossible for you to make an error in getting a copy of the publication produced by the manufacturer of Excalibur dehydrator, the publication is called \"natural preservation\" and includes those who are completely new to this method of preserving food.
Hot air drying using a food dehydrator like Shenjian is different from drying food in a normal oven.
When eaten in a dry or re-hydrated state, it is the low temperature that preserves as much nutrition as possible in the food.
The problem with commercial dry whole foods is that they are expensive and it is difficult to find a high quality supply of this dry food because many products will include additives or will dry them with excessive heat.
When it comes to drying food at home for use when exploring, it\'s a relatively simple activity, such as a snack while walking out, or a crop just to protect summer fruit.
It\'s also very economical.
In addition to drying simple ingredients with a dehydrator, you can also make other ingredients, such as leather dried fruits, banana slices, mango strips, cereal and energy bars, raw nuts and seed biscuits, meat trail mixing and even soups, stews, casseroles and whole foods, then you can replenish the water.
Accompanied by a comprehensive supplement of vitamins, minerals and enzymes in your food, you will get the best nutrition for mild dehydration to help you stay active and healthy.
Gary Rolfe\'s Excalibur dehydrator is provided to him by UK Juicers Co. , Ltd. , which also imports other health-related appliances and products to the UK.
Owner Nick Ledger decided that what he wanted to do was not just provide Gary with the sword of God, he also went to Greenland to experience the feeling of traveling with a dog sled man.
Nick left a lasting impression not because of this beautiful country but because of the hard life that Gary and his dog team led.
When the trip needed to be extended for a few days, the very remote and unfriendly nature of the place caught Nick\'s attention as the helicopter that took him back could not land due to the weather.
Luckily they have plenty of dehydrated snacks to enjoy!
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