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Fig dryer technology

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-03-09
Nowadays, it is the season when figs are ripe. I believe that many friends have eaten a lot. It tastes fragrant and delicious. It is very pleasing. In addition to fresh food, figs also have a lot of medicinal value. So, what are the effects and functions of figs, and what are the benefits of eating figs for human body? This edition of the article takes everyone to learn about figs. Is the fig really 'no flower'? This is not the case. The reason why it is called Fig is that it has a special torus, which will form a hollow spherical body, figs bloom on the inner wall of the spherical receptacle when they bloom, and people can't see the flowers of figs from the outside, which is the real reason for 'No Flowers. The efficacy of figs indications in traditional Chinese medicine, the fruit of figs is used as medicine, traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is cool and sweet, and has the efficacy of clearing heat and promoting fluid, invigorating spleen and appetizing stomach, and detoxifying and detumescence, clinically for sore throat, hemorrhoids, loss of appetite and swelling and other symptoms of the disease have a therapeutic effect. In the 'compendium', its application is also recorded: treatment of five hemorrhoids, sore throat. Benefits of eating figs for human body figs can be eaten fresh or used for cooking soup. There are many ways to eat them and many benefits for human body, mainly including the following: anti-cancer effect modern medical research has found that, fig has a broad-spectrum anti-cancer effect, which contains hydroxybenzaldehyde, psoralen, coumarin and other ingredients for cancer cells have a certain inhibitory effect. 2. Research on jiangsan High shows that figs are low-sugar and high-fiber foods, which are rich in vitamin C. Proper daily eating by diabetics can help improve the body's immunity, at the same time, the lipase and hydrolase contained in FIG also have the function of decomposing blood lipid, thus helping to reduce fat accumulation and playing a role in lowering blood pressure and lipid to a certain extent. 3. The FIG also has a good effect of invigorating the spleen and stimulating the stomach. Research shows that the malic acid, citric acid and hydrolase contained in it can help the digestion of food and promote the appetite of the human body. Clinical application of Fig 1. Cure tingling in the throat: dried fresh figs, grind, blow throat. ('Quanzhou Materia Medica')2. Cure lung heat hoarseness: five dollars for figs, fried in water and mixed with crystal sugar. (Fujian Chinese herbal medicine)3. Treatment of hemorrhoids, prolapse of anus, stool secret knot: fresh figs raw or dried fruit ten, pig large intestine section, water decoction. (Fujian Chinese herbal medicine) Second, fig dryer technology fig processing process: raw material selection-→ cleaning-→ picking up-→ slitting-→ paving-→ Drying-→ Soft-→ graded packaging-→ dried fruit. First, select the ripe figs, remove rotten fruit, residual fruit and other impurities, rinse with clear water, and cut off the fruit stalk. Small fruit varieties do not need to be cut, large fruit varieties can be cut into two, or cut into pieces, which can increase the contact surface between the material and the drying medium, improve the air permeability of the material, and save drying time, reduce energy consumption. First of all, the fig dryer should be used for drying. The drying time, temperature and moisture discharge time can be debugged according to their own process. When the drying equipment is used, the time and temperature should be debugged. After the moisture discharge time, after drying, there is no need to debug again. The drying process automatically heats up, automatically removes moisture, automatically dries, automatically alarms, self-drying time, temperature and moisture removal time can be debugged according to your own process, when the drying equipment is used for a second time, the time and temperature are adjusted. After the moisture discharge time, the super-mechanical fig drying room will not need to be debugged after drying. The drying process will automatically heat up, automatically remove moisture and automatically dry, automatic alarm, automatic power off, when the temperature is set to 60 degrees, when the temperature rises to 60 degrees, the equipment will automatically power off, when the temperature of the fig dryer is reduced, the temperature will automatically rise, and the whole process does not need manual operation, no need to return material, automatic drying.
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