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Drying data and technology research artifact

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-27
Use data to speak and use scientific methods to do the best in the dry industry, · Real-time collection of innovative high-quality precision data | intelligent drying data generation | industry | to | fine Best products in the industry IKE has always used numbers to speak, especially in the drying process and the production of drying systems, they are faced with a rigorous and scientific attitude. However, IKE has been struggling in the electronics industry for 20 years, so he has a very confident design for the control part of the drying system! In order to solve the problem that many enterprises, universities and colleges, and various scientific research institutions are difficult to collect the parameters of articles in the research on the drying process of articles, we have introduced a set of fully intelligent integrated dryers, the system has its own precision electronic scale, network communication module and computer management software, so that the temperature, humidity and weight change data of articles in the drying process can be collected in real time through the computer, to analyze the drying characteristics of articles at different temperature stages! IKE 'scientific research cabinet all-in-one machine '--The best choice for scientific research institutions! · Scientific Research · School · factory · special model, professional design! 1 high-precision online weighing ◆ high-precision electronic scale that can be accurate to 1 gram ◆ automatic weighing in the whole drying process ◆ data can be directly exported to EXCEL format ◆ use data to explain drying characteristics to improve full temperature section seamless drying ◆ from 15℃-Any adjustment at 80 ℃ ◆ from 5%- 99% any setting ◆ 24-segment time-sharing mode, flexible and convenient ◆ intelligent control, silly operation; Computer networking, no need to be on duty ◆ connect with computer or mobile phone, can acquire real-time data of the machine ◆ can operate remotely and change the settings ◆ automatic diagnosis system can also realize the functions of unattended operation, intelligent error correction and other intelligent cloud drying functions to keep the low temperature dehumidification and drying in the nutrition of articles to the maximum extent, the effective nutrient components of the article are not lost, and the test accuracy is guaranteed to the maximum extent. Automatic control of temperature and humidity can not only dry at high temperature or low temperature, but also realize low temperature and cold drying, it provides the process requirements of different articles with the possibility of quickly removing the surface water film without mildew and deterioration, let the mold have no living conditions, strong wind convection, no need to turn the strong wind, no dead angle convection, no need to turn, uniform drying 4 high-quality drying lays the foundation for improving the process! ------Chinese herbal medicine is dry, and the effective components of the medicinal materials are not lost------ IKE dryer completely solves the drying problems of traditional agricultural and sideline products, such as relying on the weather to eat, high labor intensity and difficult quality control.
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