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Development Trend of processing technology of agricultural products and fruits and vegetables dryer in China

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-28
The development trend of processing technology of fruit and vegetable dryer for agricultural products in China at present, China has made great progress in the research of drying technology for agricultural products and the research and development and manufacture of equipment, some international technologies and equipment are basically available in China. But at the same time, we should also see that there are still some deficiencies and problems in the research of agricultural products drying technology and equipment research and development in our country, especially from the perspective of sustainable development, it is expected that China's agricultural products drying technology research and equipment research and development will develop in the following trends :(1) As the moisture content of agricultural products is generally high after harvest, the energy used for drying and processing is also relatively high, which requires not only kinetic energy but also thermal energy. Therefore, with the increasing energy shortage, further research and development of energy-saving drying technology and equipment and automatic control system will become the key research and development direction in the future. For example, research and promotion of energy-saving air source heat pump dryers powered by electricity in the South. (2) At present, the heating energy of the dryer for fruits and vegetables in our country is still mainly coal-fired, especially some hot air drying rooms suitable for drying various agricultural products mostly use hand-fired coal-fired heating furnaces for drying, the flue gas emitted by it is more polluted to the air. However, from the perspective of future energy structure, it is unlikely to use oil, natural gas and all electricity as drying and heating energy for agricultural products in large quantities in our country, except for medium and large enterprises with high degree of production automation. Therefore, the coexistence and complementarity of multiple energy sources will be an inevitable pattern of agricultural products drying energy composition in the future. For this reason, the first step in the future is to speed up the research on the methods and devices for smoke extraction and dust removal of coal-fired heating furnaces for small and medium-sized drying rooms used alone. The second is to design and select a steam boiler heating method with better combustion, dust removal and sulfur removal performance for the connected drying room and large drying equipment with high degree of automation that can be used centrally. The third is to learn from the drying mode of Korean agricultural products, for the development of small household drying equipment to electric heating, to form household appliances like household appliances, including research and development of small household energy-saving air source heat pump drying box. The fourth is to research and develop new drying equipment and processing mode of producing areas that complement conventional energy sources such as solar energy and biogas. (3) For large processing enterprises, it can be designed to adopt advanced combined processes such as static drying in the early stage of drying, Belt Continuous drying in the later stage, static drying in the early stage and vacuum freeze drying in the later stage, in order to improve the efficiency and quality of drying processing. For small workshops, cooperatives and farmers, air energy heat pump drying equipment can be used, which has the advantages of small investment, energy conservation and environmental protection, intelligence and convenience, and good quality of drying agricultural products. (4) On the basis of developing standardized drying equipment, the professional technical department guides the manufacturer to test and study the drying process and operation control method according to different types of models and types of agricultural products, it is also provided to users as an important part of the product usage instructions. (5) Formulate product testing standards for agricultural products fruit and vegetable dryer equipment, promote standardization of drying equipment, establish a production license system for drying equipment, and establish or entrust corresponding institutions to be responsible for testing and issuing production licenses. With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the processing quality and quality of agricultural products, the state attaches great importance to the research of drying and processing technology of agricultural products and the continuous increase of scientific research investment, the research and development of drying technology and equipment for agricultural products in China will surely usher in a new period of development.
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