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Development Status of Pepper Heat Pump Dryer

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-03-10
1. The development status of Pepper Heat Pump Dryer, in the current situation of pepper market downturn, the price is unfavorable, the pepper industry is facing severe challenges, the management idea should be combined, we should make full use of the local good ecological environment and climate advantages, and promote the cultivation of varieties with competitive advantages in domestic and foreign markets in accordance with the industrialized management mode of 'cooperation, base and farmers' Science and Technology, the old varieties with scattered local planting, poor quality and low price were eliminated and replaced. The elimination of old pepper equipment and the introduction of new high-tech equipment, such as the upgrading of pepper drying equipment, have played a very good role in promoting the storage and quality improvement of dried pepper, let's take a look at the relevant contents of the pepper heat pump dryer. 2, the traditional pepper drying process, the traditional pepper drying process has two kinds, one is manually tied one by one, and then hung on the coal fire for a long time; Another method is sun exposure. The dried chili products are usually of poor quality, with many yellow shells and white shells. Moreover, the traditional drying process has high labor intensity and small processing capacity, which is not suitable for large-scale production. In addition, as a seasoning food, Pepper has strict requirements on the pollution problem. If anthracite and Coke are used as fuel for drying, although it is directly heated, the pollution is serious, therefore, choosing safer and pollution-free equipment is also crucial to pepper drying. 3, heat pump dryer characteristics, pepper heat pump dryer is a new type of high-efficiency energy-saving drying equipment, its working principle is based on the reverse Carnot cycle principle, using a small amount of electric energy, the compressor is used to absorb a large amount of heat energy in the air, and the working medium is evaporated into gas in the evaporator after passing through the expansion valve, and then the gaseous working medium is compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas through the compressor, then enter the condenser to release heat and heat the drying medium, thus continuously circulating heating. Compared with the electric dryer, it saves 2/3 of the electric energy. How the hot air temperature value of pepper heat pump dryer is related to the quality and drying efficiency of pepper, try to analyze the composition of pepper and the influence of several main components at a certain temperature. Pepper contains more than ten main nutrients. Among them, some components are easy to be lost and destroyed at high temperature. In order not to reduce the nutritional components, it is not appropriate to choose a higher hot air temperature. 4. Composition of pepper dryer: Pepper dryer consists of paving device, drying room, air supply system, moisture removal system, heat source system, control system, etc. The pepper dryer has stable operation, high degree of automation, high heat exchange efficiency, stable temperature and uniform drying. After drying, the pepper has good color, no pollution, and can keep the pepper delicious. Label: Pepper, pepper drying, Pepper dryer, Pepper Heat Pump Dryer
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