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Development status and trend of heat pump dryer

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-28
At present, the heat pump dryer equipment in the domestic market and the conventional dryer equipment in the major international markets are all made in China, which indicates that, in China, the history of import-oriented heat pump drying equipment has been completed. According to the prediction of China general machinery drying equipment industry association ,. China has made gratifying achievements in both the foundation theory and the application of drying technology. In some areas, he once walked in the forefront of the world. However, due to the relative lag of the experimental wrist, the application and implementation of heat pump drying technology are limited to a certain extent. In recent years, quanneng has successively developed various heat pump drying equipment with multiple functions, high efficiency, low energy consumption and strong compliance. Guangdong IKE dryer navigator! Constantly thinking: energy-saving and environment-friendly heat source, high-efficiency heat preservation and drying room, equipment suitable for drying requirements, reasonable and professional drying technology = Shengli heat pump drying equipment, which belongs to an equipment supporting project, it is not only the energy efficiency ratio of the heat pump, but also the design feasibility of the case, the quality of the supporting equipment, the maturity of the technology, and the victory case of the previous period. It is the main product in the future drying market. Our heat pump dryer after molding has the following advantages: 1. Complete set of equipment, complete configuration and function, suitable for drying all kinds of materials; 2. High-grade and beautiful appearance, intelligent operation and convenient transportation; 3, equipment environmental protection, energy saving, than the traditional dryer energy saving 30-40%; Adopt closed-loop dehumidification 4. The equipment adopts anti-corrosion material, and the service life is 12-15 years. 5, professional consumption, provide drying technology and benchmark of various materials. 6, good drying quality, very high efficiency 7, clean and sanitary, no secondary pollution
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