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Development status and prospect of heat pump dryer

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-29
At present, the development status and prospects of heat pump dryers, the traditional life of dry heat sources are from the nature of the Sun, in 1990s to coal boilers, oil boilers, microwave drying. In recent years, with the implementation of the national environmental protection and energy conservation policy, energy-saving and environment-friendly heat pump dryers have gradually become the main push equipment for drying products. With the development of heat pump dryer technology, the reliability and stability of heat pump drying products are enhanced. Now users can recover the investment cost of hot drying equipment as long as they use it for one to two years. From the current market pattern, the Air energy heat pump dryer industry brand concentration is low, the industry entry threshold is small, has not yet formed a brand pattern, in the rapid development. On the other hand, due to the wide variety of heat pump drying materials, the requirements for drying technology are different, therefore, this also puts forward different requirements for the enterprise's own industry experience, program accumulation, technology accumulation and the ability to provide tailor-made programs according to the actual needs of different customers. Of course, opportunities only favor those air source heat pump manufacturers that have made various preparations and are good at capturing market demand and customer demand. The heat pump drying industry as a whole is in a rapid development and rising stage. At this time, any new manufacturer will have a large living space, but to develop well, you need to position yourself from your actual ability. At present, there are about 400 enterprises producing air energy heat pump dryers in China, of which manufacturers with an annual sales revenue of less than 500 yuan account for about 60 yuan, 500- Manufacturers between 1000 yuan account for about 35%; Only 5% of enterprises have annual sales of more than 10 million yuan. The concentration of the industry is low, and the scale of the enterprise is generally small, so the development potential is very large. From the perspective of industry enterprises, most heat pump drying manufacturers are 'halfway', just because they are optimistic about the development of the industry and quickly cut into the air energy heat pump drying industry after seeing the market demand. For the market understanding is not deep enough, not familiar with the drying field, do not understand the drying process. No core technology, low innovation ability, similar products, blocked by technology and technology, can not provide a truly suitable heat pump drying equipment for customers. In the actual drying application, the phenomenon that the heat pump drying equipment does not match the actual needs of customers often occurs, resulting in uneven drying materials and various defects or problems in different degrees, or the energy-saving effect is not good. Guangdong IKE heat pump dryer is widely used at present; It is mainly used for drying fruits and vegetables and drying agricultural and sideline products ( Mushrooms, black tremella, melon seeds, peanuts, vegetables, tobacco leaves, medlar, grain grains and various Chinese herbal medicines, etc) In the fields of industrial product drying, chemical product drying, sludge drying and drying, the good drying effect and energy-saving advantages of heat pump dryer have been widely recognized by the market, and the company has embarked on a road of color characteristic development, the company's air energy heat pump products are organically combined with agricultural and sideline products produced by farmers, greatly increasing the sales volume of heat pump dryer products.
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