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Closed-loop drying completely solves all the problems

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-19
Closed-loop drying completely solves all the problems of traditional open-loop drying equipment, and has the following significant advantages: 1. Only water is discharged, with no energy loss and 100% energy recovery. Due to its high efficiency, it is several times higher than open-loop drying equipment. 2. Efficiency has nothing to do with external temperature and humidity, so it can keep high energy efficiency all year round. Suitable for any climate 3. Outside dust can not enter, clean and sanitary 4. The effective ingredients of articles will not be lost, greatly improving the quality and level of dry articles 5. It can realize rapid drying at low temperature, without damaging the efficacy and product appearance. 6. No mildew or deterioration during drying, 7. Strong wind convection, no dead Angle, uniform, 8. No need to turn things, saving labor costs 9. Built-in or integral design, simple installation, stable performance, 10. Network connection, full computer control, Chinese operation menu, graphic display 11. Programmable temperature, temperature, time control, segmental automatic control, Chinese operation menu 12. Layer shelf design, with multiple pallets, wide application, flexible and convenient, Closed-loop dehumidification heat pump dryer equipment, will completely change the traditional open-loop drying equipment industry, create a new energy saving, environmental protection, health and safety, high quality and efficient.
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